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Sting Challenges Undertaker, CM Punk’s Contract Expires

Sting Confirms He Wants To Face Undertaker At Wrestlemania

The UK Mirror spoke to Sting after the WWE 2K15 reveal and he confirmed that not only does he want to wrestle again, but wants to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania:

I’ve made it clear I’d love to have one last hurrah, one last big match hopefully. And of course I’ve been outspoken about Undertaker being the opponent. I know what happened at WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar broke his streak. I think, or at least I’m hoping, that Taker’s still going to come back and that he’s not done. If he’s not done, and he would consider doing it, I’d love to work with him one time. I’d love to wrestle him one time before I call it quits.

CM Punk Done With WWE, Makes Statement

As of yesterday CM Punk is no longer under WWE contract. He made the following statement on Twitter:

Punk has several projects lined up, including a non-WWE line of t-shirts. He also hinted that he may be launching a podcast.

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