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Steve Austin vs WWE Update, Cameron’s Favorite Match, Matt Hardy Rips Crowd Funding

Steve Austin Insists No Heat With WWE

Steve Austin continues to play the diplomat despite what appears to be a worsening relationship with WWE. On his latest podcast he said he’s still on good terms with the company, even though they forced ProWrestlingTees to pull some of his personal merchandise. He described it as simply business.

It’s believed the issue stems from the t-shirt company using what they thought was a trademark free image of Austin from GettyImages, only for WWE to claim that it wasn’t. The fault there is really with GettyImages for licensing an image they didn’t have the rights to, though of course we cannot be certain WWE’s claim is legitimate. Another shirt that was pulled used NWO style lettering. This might fall under parody, but WWE obviously don’t agree.

Austin reassured fans that he’ll still be working with WWE down the line.

The Hall of Famer’s WWE Network podcast series was recently replaced by Chris Jericho, leading to logical speculation that Jericho will go easier on his guests that the Rattlesnake.

Cameron Changes Her Favorite Match

Remember when WWE Diva and Total Diva’s star Cameron made a fool of herself on Tough Enough, by saying her favorite WWE match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox? Well thankfully she’s changed her tune since then. When asked on Twitter, she responded:

In a sign that Tough Enough never really pans out the way viewers expect, Cameron was eliminated in the very first episode of season 5 for her faux pa, but has still made a career in WWE. Winner Andy Leavine only had two appearances on the main roster!

Tough Enough season 6 will premiere on Tuesday, June 23, on USA. This time around fans will get to vote the winner. The judges/trainers have yet to be announced, but Steve Austin has confirmed he won’t be taking part.

Matt Hardy Mocks Crowd Funding In Video

The ever outspoken Matt Hardy has shared a video of himself mocking those who abuse crowd funding, i.e. GoFundMe, Kickstarter etc. I think he makes his point quite well. Crowd funding certainly has many positives, such as allowing consumers to directly invest in products they wish to buy, but there’s no doubt that some people milk it.

Even some of these wrestling documentaries that have been funded that way seem to be a bit overzealous in their funding goals. In 2015 it really is not that difficult to edit some video together. Do they really need thousands and thousands of dollars? Of course nobody is forcing anybody to hand over their money, so I guess if it works for you, more power to you!

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