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Stephanie Chokes Eve, Shelton Taking Time Off, JR On Taker’s Streak and Bryan, Sheamus Hacked?

The Authority Train With The Gracies

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and their kids recently had a beginners class in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and self-defense, under Rener Gracie and his former WWE Diva fiancé Eve Torres.

In one photo Tweeted by Stephanie she jokingly applies a choke hold on Eve, calling it the “Matt Hardy”. Rumor has it that Eve once choked out Hardy backstage:

Eve Torres Stephanie McMahon

Shelton Benjamin Says He Won’t Be At The Rumble

Playing off rumors from last year Shelton Benjamin made it clear on Twitter that he won’t be at the Royal Rumble, as he’s taking some time off from wrestling. He wrote on Twitter:

“As of tonight Im taking time off from wrestling to take care of a long neglected medical issue. So I assure you all I will not be at the R.R”

“Basically I have a pinched Ulner nerve in my elbow that causes lose of sensation,motor function, muscle atrophy & eventually use of my hand”

“So before things get bad i gotta take quick pause. But after 12 years and no major injuries proWrestling this I consider very minor”

JR Praises Bryan and Says Only Cena In Position To End Streak

In some recent updates Jim Ross addressed Daniel Bryan’s recent Wyatts storyline, and Undertaker’s streak.

“He’s white hot and has done what many wrestlers only dream of doing and that’s making a strong, emotional connection with the fan base,” JR wrote of Bryan.

Bryan is SO connected or ‘over’ in rasslin’ vernacular and he’s still evolving well even without the WWE Title.

Will Daniel Bryan ever become the WWE World Title for a nice ‘run’ some day? I can’t see how it won’t happen. Question is when and it could be at WM30 if all the cards fall into place. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, many will think that professional development should have happened ‘yesterday’ but I’m enjoying the ‘chase’ that Bryan is on while fighting for ‘respect’ and then, when the time is right, fighting for the Championship.


Who is a more popular choice to win the Royal Rumble than Daniel Bryan?

On the Undertaker streak, Ross said only John Cena is in a position to end it:

“In today’s climate the WWE star to try and beat Taker at WM in Taker’s last match would likely be Cena.”

McIntyre “Hacked” Sheamus’ Twitter?

Drew McIntyre and NXT trainer Robbie Brookside are taking credit for “hacking” Sheamus’ Twitter account over the weekend.

“Lot of tweets about @WWESheamus being hacked. It was myself and @RobbyBrookside Expect some delightful tweets as we hold his account hostage,” wrote McIntyre.

It would appear Sheamus left his account logged in somewhere and the duo pranked him by clearing all of his Tweets and then replacing his photo with an orange square.

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