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Stephanie On Chamber Poster, JR Wants Believable Storylines, Good RAW Rating

Stephanie McMahon On Elimination Chamber Poster

The Authority’s Stephanie McMahon is featured on the Elimination Chamber PPV promotional poster:

“John Cena, C.M. Punk, Randy Orton, and your favorite WWE Superstars have dreams of WrestleMania, but they must first face the nightmare that is WWE Elimination Chamber. Don’t miss all the action, Sunday, February 23.”

Jim Ross Talks RAW & WWE Storylines

In a recent Q&A update on Jim Ross was asked if WWE is having trouble with the mega stars retiring and not having any younger stars to take their place. JR responded:

“I assume that is one issue. The other issues include not having a clear cut break out star accelerating from the pack and a lack of believable, organic, personal issue based storylines.”

JR also posted up a new blog looking at RAW Old School …

Brock Lesnar’s Return:

No issues with Lesnar/Henry/Show but for anyone to think that Lesnar is as hot right how as he needs to be isn’t looking at Brock through honest eyes. His absence was long and Brock wasn’t red hot when he left. The former WWE and UFC champion is an amazing talent but he’s got little traction from where I sit and needs to promoted aggressively and soon if he’s expected to sell PPV’s at WM30. The good news is that it can be done.

Jake Roberts’ Appearance:

The final surprise of Jake the Snake Roberts was a good surprise. Jake looked good and he was well received. Via @DDPYoga and making smart, personal decisions, Jake has gotten himself healthier and the alternative if he had continued to travel his former road was bleak.

Daniel Bryan Joining The Wyatts:

I’m still confused as to where the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt Family storyline is headed. I’m trying to like it as I’m a big fan of all the men involved in the equation but I don’t know much more about their relationship or issues than I knew last week. As a fan, I needed a little more concrete info or a viable tease from these four men than I was provided.

Old School RAW Draws Good Rating

Old School RAW drew the highest TV audience in months. The show did an average of 4,538,000 viewers, which hasn’t been seen since last March.

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