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Steph Does Spinarooni, Slammy Statistics, Matt Hardy Praises RAW

Stephanie McMahon’s Spinarooni Attempt After RAW

When the cameras stopped rolling after last night’s RAW a fan cam managed to capture Stephanie McMahon attempting the Spinarooni. I guess she’s the control freak corporate suit … that lets her hair down from time to time. That being said it was only a “solid B” as far as technique.

Legit? Slammy Voting Sets Record

This year’s WWE Slammy Award voting broke all previous voting records according to WWE’s PR department. They say 1.64 million votes were made via their app. Judging from the ease of voting and the hype surrounding the app it’s not surprising.

Of course there’s always speculation that the voting is not legitimate, but who’s arguing about Daniel Bryan and The Shield getting so many votes?

Matt Hardy A Fan of RAW Ending

Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy took to Facebook to praise last night’s ending of RAW. He wrote:

“The last segment of WWE RAW was phenomenal in it’s totality. It serve so many purposes perfectly. Both Triple H and Cena reacted to the Daniel Bryan responses flawlessly. Orton’s promo was on the money. Cena’s promo was on the money. There was star power everywhere in the ring. The brawl at the end was exciting, leading to Stephanie getting tackled by RKO. The viewers were left with questions at the end, yet wanting to see more. That segment was WWE at it’s best. The content of those final 25 minutes of RAW sold TLC PPVs. Kudos, WWE!”

My only qualm was with the ending shot of Cena looking like he was almost aligned with the Authority, and acting completely clueless as to why Orton attacked Stephanie, which of course he didn’t.

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  • Im Nobody

    So its only “legit” when its someone the IWC wants to win… sounds legit -_-

    • Keelan Balderson

      So only the IWC like Daniel Bryan? He’s clearly the star of the year, fixed or not it just seems obvious that he’d win.

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