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Steph On Kurt Returning To WWE? Kaitlyn Shoot Preview, JR Talks Hogan’s Return

Stephanie: Never Say Never On Kurt Angle

Stephanie McMahon told CBS Pittsburgh to never say never about Kurt Angle returning to WWE:

“In terms of Kurt Angle, I would just say, never say never in the WWE. I guess I’ll leave it at that.”

Kurt’s TNA contract is up in the Summer and he says “It’s true!” that he wants to finish his career in WWE.

Kaitlyn Shoot Interview Clip

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn has done an RF Video shoot interview about her career. Here is a preview:

Jim Ross Says Hogan Great For PR

In his latest blog Jim Ross says Hulk Hogan is great for WWE’s PR:

As I wrote in this space many, many weeks ago, it’s a smart move by WWE to come to an arrangement with @HulkHogan for WM30 and beyond, I assume. I’m unaware of any details but I see Hulk as a great PR vehicle for the WWE Network and to appear a selected events. I do not see Hogan needing to wrestle to add value to WWE efforts.

As previously noted Hulk Hogan has been down at the Performance Center in Orlando, though he didn’t actually get in the ring. He is not medically cleared to wrestle in a WWE ring.

He’ll be back on TV for the RAW Network launch show and is guest hosting Wrestlemania.

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