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Steiner Shoots On Today’s Wrestling, WWE 2K16 Steve Austin Mode, WWE Stars Crash Wedding

Scott Steiner Calls Today’s Wrestling Brutal

Scott Steiner didn’t have many positive things to say about today’s current crop of talent. In a recent interview with CBS Detroit he said today’s product is brutal and hard to watch, and that fans are just sticking it out in hope of it getting better.

Steve Austin Heavily Featured In New Video Game

Jerry Lawler has revealed that Steve Austin will be heavily featured in the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game, possibly in a “Showcase” style mode. Lawler told Cerrito Live radio that he’s already doing voice over work for the game.

Three WWE Stars Crash Wedding

Roman Reigns, R-Truth and Jimmy Uso crashed the wedding of some WWE fans on Saturday evening, after the house show in Syracuse. The trio were at a bar in the hotel when they heard the reception and made their way in to surprise the happy couple.

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