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Why Steiner Was Banned From Hall of Fame, Tamina Update, Reigns Reacts To Mania, Eva Marie’s Training

Scott Steiner Barred From Hall of Fame for Hogan

You may have seen the WWE Hall of Fame security booth photo of Scott Steiner, which suggested he was banned from the ceremony. Word now is that he was banned as a personal favour to Hulk Hogan because the two have never seen eye to eye, and Steiner went on a massive rant against Hogan and his family following his TNA run.

The Wrestling Observer also reports that the two ended up on the same flight to California and words were exchanged.

Steiner still has many friends in and around WWE, but the company couldn’t risk any incidents.

Steiner was in town for various non-WWE events, and there was no indication he was actually going to attend the ceremony anyway.

Tamina Snuka Returning

Tamina Snuka is advertised for WWE’s upcoming European tour, suggesting she will be returning soon. She has been out since last June due to a torn ACL.

Roman Reigns On Wrestlemania Loss

WWE have shared a short video of Roman Reigns reacting to his loss at Wrestlemania.

Eva Marie Is Focussed

Eva Marie looks to be focussed on training to be a regular wrestler, she wrote on Instagram:

I may not be the fastest, I may not be the strongest, but I promise you this…I WILL be the one working the hardest.

To my #RedNation , the ones who have believed in me from day one, I make you this promise: For YOU I will dedicate my blood, sweat, and tears to the ring. I will train until my body can’t take anymore and still push through. I will hone my craft , improve my technique, and become the greatest WWE Diva of this Era.

You are my motivation, you are my inspiration. You believed in me when no one else did, you saw potential in me when no one else did, you encouraged me when many tried to tear me down. I owe my career to YOU! I will not let you down! Get ready because #AllRedEverything is coming!

The Rock gave her some words of advice over Wrestlemania and says she’s on her way:

Had this convo w/ Eva Marie a few days ago about puttin’ in the hard work to achieve the goals, then havin’ the smarts to being open to how we get there. She’s on her way.

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