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Spud Reveals Impact Segment, More On New Knockout, Konnan Blasts TNA, Rhino Update

Spud Giving Dixie Carter Tribute On IMPACT

Rockstar Spud revealed on Twitter that he’ll be giving Dixie Cater a tribute on tonight’s IMPACT:

TNA Introduces New Knockout Brittany

Brittany TNAThe TNA website have an article up introducing new TNA Knockout Santana Garrett, who will be going by the name Brittany:

“The Knockouts Division is the absolute best women’s wrestling division in the world, and that’s what I strive for. It’s not about just their beauty but how well they fight. I’ve put in the time and effort whether in the gym or training in the ring, and I am determined to be the best. I truly believe this is my time to prove it to the world that this is exactly where I am supposed to be and this is exactly what I was meant to do!

“One Knockout that I really look up to is Madison Rayne. Look at her history… it says everything about her. We share a lot in common on our career path and now I get to follow in her footsteps. I hope to prove myself the same way she did.”

Brittany will be debuting tonight.

Konnan Says TNA Should Have Snapped Up Heyman

In a recent interview with Joe Cronin former WCW star Konnan said TNA should have snapped up Paul Heyman when they had the chance. He pretty much blasted the product:

[TNA] would still be number two even if there was no WWE. That f—ing show really sucks. You should see it now, they have the owner, Dixie Carter, and some j-ckoff [named] Potato Spuds or whatever his name is. They are like the worst thing on TV since the Aces & 8’s.

Rhino On Times Being Hard On Indy Scene

ECW Original Rhino discussed how times are hard on the Indy scene, in a recent interview with Wrestling 365 Radio:

It’s definitely tough, it’s always been tough, but it all lies down to the individual, we’re all individuals and we all have choices whether we can work for a promotion or not. It’s a little easier for me, because I’ve got a name and reputation and I’ve built a small little brand with my name and wrestling ability and being on TV for over 13-14 years, so it’s a little easier for me. It is very difficult for independent wrestlers, but some aspects of it, it’s easier now to get your face out there for independent wrestlers because of social media. Back in the day, when you’re poor and living in your car, you don’t have $10 to print up an 8×10 and put together a 15 minute clip on a VHS tape and then pay $5 to mail it out. Now it’s just click click on your smartphone and then send the link to a promoter and it’s easier for a promoter to look you up. Back when I started, if you were sending a package out, it cost you $20 and it was tough to get your name out there back then. It’s easier now for a guy to just click a couple of links, put the match together and send it to a promoter and that costs you nothing, just time.

Rhino also discussed his favourite feud:

I was just on a show with Sandman and the feud Sandman and I had in 1999-2000 was really the feud that put me on the map and that was my first like, real feud. It lasted a good 6-8 months and I was very proud of that. The kendo stick in the head hurt, he’s broken several of them over my head, but I was very appreciative of what he’s done for me. I’ve been blessed with a lot of angles and feuds and matches and it’s cool because you don’t necessarily have to be in an angle or a feud to go out there and have a great match. Booker T and I had a really, really good match, it was on a live event for TNA and it was over in London, everything just aligned and you couldn’t do no wrong. It was definitely one of my top 5 best matches. Booker came to me and said that too, it was one of his best matches and for him to say that, it means a lot, because he’s been around for a long time and has been on top of his game for 20+ years.

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