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Springer Talks WWE Show, DDP’s Regret, Triple H On Mayweather In WWE, Mason Ryan Update

Jerry Springer Discusses New Network Show

Jerry Springer discussed his new WWE Network show – Too Hot For TV – in an interview with Business Insider:

The best parallel I can draw is that show ‘Talk Soup,’ which has been on for years. I guess the only question I had is: why did it take us so long to think about that because it’s so obvious? It’s been so much entertainment for so many years. It’s a natural fit. Truth is, our audiences overlap. They’re the same demographic. So yeah, it was easy to say ‘yes’ to.

DDP Should Have Rejected Stalker Storyline

DDP revealed to the Sports Vision that his one big regret was accepting the stalker storyline when he came to WWE:

When I walked into that office to meet Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon, The Rock is in Hollywood filming ‘Scorpion King.’ He ain’t showing up for four more weeks, so God laid it out perfectly for me, and I let someone derail me from the vision I had… I realized what I should have done was gotten up from the table when Vince didn’t want to do my idea, shook his hand, shook Shane’s hand, and said, ‘Guys, thank you so much for you the opportunity, that’s an awesome idea—the stalker thing— but it’s not for me. When you guys are ready to do People’s Champion vs. People’s Champion, you guys call me. It’s a pleasure to meet you both,’ and left.

Triple H Says Money Easy To Work With

Triple H told the Bleacher Report that despite his “attitude” Floyd Mayweather Jr. was very easy to work with when he did Wrestlemania 24:

When I was working out with Floyd to get him ready for WrestleMania, his whole crew would be there,” Triple H said. “He always has 4,000 people around him. He’s got a huge entourage, and he would be laughing and everybody carrying on. And there would be that moment when we’d say, ‘OK, let’s get started,’ and he’d say, ‘Everybody out,’ and everyone who didn’t need to be there would leave, and no one made a peep. He was laser-focused. Mentally he was like a trap. We’d work on something, I wouldn’t see him for two weeks and he’d remember exactly what I had said. To be honest, it was super easy to get him ready.

Mason Ryan Open To TNA and WWE

Former WWE star Mason Ryan recently spoke with journalist Thomas Feaheny, and said he’s open to a WWE return and going to TNA:

I’d consider it. I’d be crazy not to, but I’ve enjoyed travelling the world, I’ve been in Japan, I’m going to Germany and France then going to America, then going back to Japan. My schedule is pretty busy, it’s kind of non-stop, but obviously Impact Wrestling is a great company and WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, so the door is 100% open.

Ryan also discussed his WWE run:

It was a dream come true, moving to America and living the American lifestyle and on top of that being able to do what I’ve dreamt of on TV in front of millions of people of TV and thousands of people in stadiums all over the world, was hard to describe, I loved it it was everything I dreamed of and more.

The indie scene is different to the WWE, your lucky with the WWE, everything is taken care for you, your flights, merchandise, all the shows are lined up. Wrestling is always wrestling, it’s something that I love, it’s an art form and I love to have people come along and enjoy the shows, the biggest difference is there is a lot more on me to organise stuff.

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