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Spike TV Rips Vince Russo To Shreds: “Nobody Cares or Knows Who He Is”

Spike Executive Calls Vince Russo A Nobody

In a recent interview with the Pro Wrestling Report Vince Russo said that Spike TV have done badly by TNA and that they weren’t a good partner for the wrestling company. David Schwarz, the Senior Vice President of Communications for Spike TV responded with comments to the the Wrestling Observer and completely ripped Russo apart.

First here’s what Russo said:

I’ve been holding this back for years and I finally get to say this. I felt like Hannibal Lecter when he was strapped in and had his mouth wired shut. Spike TV is a horrible partner. Why TNA would ever want to partner with Spike is beyond me unless there were no other options. If Spike TV were the only option to stay on television then I would understand it. They are a horrible partner, they know nothing about the wrestling business. The way they advertised and marketed the program over the years was absolutely atrocious.

I can tell you this from a position where I worked with the USA network. I worked directly with Bonnie Hammer. She was the female version of Vince McMahon. She knew what she was doing. When you had Bonnie Hammer at USA and Vince McMahon, the sky was the limit. If TNA signs another deal with Spike TV great for them. It will move along for another two years and everyone will work but the product will not grow on Spike TV. My hope for TNA is that a new network comes along and embraces TNA and gives them the time and investment to help grow the product. I can’t say this enough. TNA ON SPIKE TV WILL NEVER GROW!

This is what Spike TV’s David Schwarz had to say about Russo:

I want to start by saying we enjoyed a great relationship, a very collaborative relationship with Dixie Carter and her team over the years. We took TNA from a late night spot on Saturday nights, doing 500,000 viewers, to a two-hour time slot that did two million viewers over time. Spike went out of its way, not in just adhering to its contract, but above and beyond the contract. We paid Hulk Hogan, we paid Eric Bischoff, with our money. We financed many shows. We financed U.K. shows. We helped promote. We gave TNA a prime time slot of Thursdays from 9-11 p.m. I think his comments are way off base. Clearly, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s somebody who thinks more of himself than really exists. Vince Russo never meant anything to Spike TV. He had nothing to do with negotiations. Nobody cares about Vince Russo at Spike TV. Nobody cares or knows who he is. We have a great relationship with TNA. We went above and beyond for them, as they did for us. Dixie helped promote our shows. What Vince Russo is saying is complete nonsense.

Schwarz also told “Russo means less to Spike than gum that gets stuck on the bottom of a sneaker. What network would want to work with a guy who trashes other networks?”

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