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SmackDown Moving In 2015, WWE Cruiserweight Division? New ECW Show, Hulk Praises Wyatt

SmackDown Officially Back To Thursdays In 2015

WWE and Syfy have now officially confirmed that SmackDown will be moving back to Thursday evenings, starting January 15th at 8pm ET.

“Quite simply, more young men watch television on Thursday night than on Fridays,” said Michael Engleman, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Digital and Global Brand Strategy, Syfy. “Among Men 18-49, PUTS [persons using television] are 15 percent higher compared to Fridays, expanding the potential audience for SmackDown. Since the majority of broadcast programming skews female, we’re also using Thursday nights to counter-program.”

WWE Bringing Back The Cruiserweight Division?

WWE recently sent out an email survey to some users asking them whether they would like to see the return of the Cruiserweight division. Options to choose from included bringing it back for a slot on NXT, for a slot on the main roster, or for its own dedicated show on the Network. The latter option had previously been discussed internally.

It’s not really clear how the company would define the division, as they already have many small and high-flying wrestlers in NXT and the main roster. Presumably it would involve only those types of stars going after the Cruiserweight title.

New ECW Show On The Network

Paul Heyman and Joey Styles will be presenting a new ECW themed show on the WWE Network, starting next Monday after RAW. The whole week will be themed “ECW Week.”

Beginning Monday, WWE Network gets extreme with ECW Week! WWE Network’s hardcore look at Extreme Championship Wrestling kicks off with ECW Exposed, immediately after Raw on Nov. 10. This LIVE special will be hosted by Paul Heyman and Joey Styles, as both ECW legends expose behind-the-scenes knowledge of ECW’s most outrageous moments. Plus, over 40 additional ECW episodes and three Supershows — Hardcore Heaven 1995, November to Remember 1995 and Cyberslam 1996 — will be made available on WWE Network’s already massive video-on-demand library!

In addition to revealing surprising stories and facts about the extreme promotion, Styles will conduct a hard-hitting interview with Heyman, featuring questions plucked from ECW faithful on Twitter. Fans can submit questions in advance of the show starting now, using the hashtag #ECWExposed. Don’t miss ECW Exposed this Monday immediately after Raw — and again following SmackDown on Friday, Nov. 14 — along with ECW Week all week on WWE Network!

Hulk Hogan Praises Bray Wyatt

Wrestling legend hulk Hogan put over Bray Wyatt in a recent interview on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show:

He fits in that grey area, and I’m gonna put myself over, that I started when I turned bad guy, Hollywood Hogan and people cheered me. It just showed the fans, whether you’re good guy or bad guy, they’re gonna cheer who they love and like to watch perform and I think he kinda broke down that barrier again. At first I was like ‘Oh man what is this guy doing,’ and then I started watching him and with the mind games and the rap and basically how good he was in the ring. I remember one pay-per-view he wrestled Daniel Bryan in the opening match, was like a year or so ago, nobody could follow that match. It was the first match of the pay-per-view and they tore it down. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. And I said this guy’s gonna be red-hot.

Cena Films NBC Show

John Cena missed RAW this week because he was filming a cameo for NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” show. WWE obviously saw the crossover appeal more important than Cena being on RAW. Ratings actually went up without him, though we can’t really read in to that either way.

FOZZY Do You Wanna Start A War Video

Here is the new music video for Chris Jericho’s band FOZZY – Do You Wanna Start A War:

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