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Sin Cara Taking Gimmick To Mexico? Papa Shango In Rumble? SmackDown Results

Sin Cara Says He Owns Rights To Gimmick

The original Sin Cara who is back in Mexico letting his WWE contract expire told the Tercera Caída show that he will soon be a free agent and owns the rights to the gimmick.

It would be a very rare occurrence if this is true, the likelihood is that WWE has no jurisdiction in Mexico so he can get away with using the gimmick, but technically doesn’t own the rights. That being said Mistico was a big star in the country, so it’s a head scratcher why he would want to use the Sin Cara name anyway.

Either way he says he has “proof” and will be fighting WWE over the matter.

He admitted that he didn’t enjoy his time in WWE and could never understand why they would bring him in and then force him to change his wrestling style.

Hunico who is currently playing the gimmick in WWE will have his identity revealed soon.

Wade Barrett Gives Up Rumble Spot

Wade Barrett wrote the following on Twitter possibly hinting at a Papa Shango appearance at Royal Rumble:

“I’ve given up my spot in this year’s #RoyalRumble to make way for a WWE legend. It’s top secret, but just between us, here’s a clue: Voodoo.”

This may be WWE’s way of reintroducing Shango ahead of the Hall of Fame. Ultimate Warrior is close friends with Charles Wright (Shango, The Godfather) and they feuded back in the day. Wright may be the one inducting Warrior.

……. however, there has been a running joke for the past few years that Shango would be in the match. Barrett made the same claim in 2013 and 2012.

January 24, 2014, WWE SmackDown Results

– Big Show & Rey Mysterio def. The Real Americans, when Mysterio hit the Splash off Show’s shoulders on Cesaro.

– Paul Heyman tried to intimidate Big Show ahead of Royal Rumble.

– The Miz def. Brodus Clay, after Bad News Barrett suggested Brodus should dance like he used to, and that the match was boring. Afterwards Miz attempted to get to Barrett, but he was safe on his Bad News podium.

– AJ Lee def. Cameron.

– Curtis Axel & Ryback def. Los Matadores, when Axel got a roll-up. After the match El Torito jumped off the turnbuckle on to Ryback, making him angry.

– CM Punk proclaimed he would win the Royal Rumble Match from the No. 1 spot, but Kane suggested his odds were thin.

– Luke Harper & Erick Rowan def. The Prime Time Players.

– After the match Daniel Bryan told Bray that at the Rumble he would not “be trapped in the prison of [Wyatt’s] madness, but rather Wyatt would be trapped in the prison of mine.”

– Kofi Kingston def. Fandango, with Trouble In Paradise, as NXT Diva Emma sat ringside.

– 10-Man Tag Team Match ended in No Contest when all hell broke lose.

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