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Shelton Benjamin Would Return To WWE, Funny SmackDown Commercial, Photo of DDP Yoga Center

Shelton Benjamin Open To WWE Return

One name that continually pops up in rumors about returning to WWE is former IC Champion Shelton Benjamin. Perhaps it’s because fans feel he has unfinished business. In a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling he said the company have not been in touch, but he’d be open to hearing an offer. Charlie Haas who was also in the interview agrees with Shelton that Finn Balor is the future.

It was recently reported that WWE filed a new trademark for Shelton Benjamin. While that doesn’t mean he’s returning, it does indicate they will be using the name in some fashion, be it on a DVD, video game, or online project.

Cue the annual Royal Rumble rumors.

DDP Building Yoga Center

Using the profits from the DDP Yoga packs DDP is building his own “Performance Center” in Atlanta, where he and certified trainers will teach the public. Former WWE and ECW star Stevie Richards has been certified to teach DDP Yoga:

SmackDown On Thursday Trailer

Syfy have released a commercial promoting WWE SmackDown’s move to Thursdays, starting in January. It features the WWE stars on a shrink’s couch telling him they see “Thursday” in all of his images:

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