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Sheamus Returns Tonight, Vince Says He Made Sting An Attraction, Rousey Not Done With WWE

Sheamus Returning On RAW

WWE have confirmed that Sheamus will be making his return tonight:

Three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will make his long-awaited return to WWE Monday on Raw, has learned. The Celtic Warrior has been out of action since November 2014, and vignettes hyping his return have been featured on Raw for the last several weeks. What will kind of statement will Sheamus make on Raw, and who might be on the receiving end of 2015’s first Brogue Kick?

Vince Takes Credit For Sting

One interesting comment from Vince McMahon on today’s WWE conference call essentially saw him take credit for Sting. He said they took him out of obscurity and made him an attraction.

There’s certainly some truth to that, Sting is more important in WWE than TNA, but he obviously has his own name value as well. WWE couldn’t have just dropped anyone in there with Triple H.

Ronda Teases WWE Future have been hyping repercussions for Ronda Rousey and The Rock, and a Tweet from the UFC star suggests she’s not done with WWE yet:

The obvious speculation is that we’ll get The Rock and Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie (or at least something involving them all) at next year’s Wrestlemania, or perhaps Summerslam.

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