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Sheamus Fell Asleep During Extreme Rules, Foley and JR Discuss PPV, New RAW Match

Sheamus Dozes Off During Rusev Match

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Sheamus who was at the pre-show panel area during some of last night’s Extreme Rules fell asleep during the Alexander Rusev match. According to live reports fans began chanting “Wake Up Sheamus”.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley Discuss Extreme Rules

Both Jim Ross and Mick Foley shared their Extreme Rules thoughts online. Foley Tweeted:

Jim Ross wrote on his blog:

The 6 man tag stole the show. Helluva bout and a true, announcer’s dream to call. Congrats to all six men for pulling off a great match.

Thought the cage match was a little too long. Also, didn’t like all the outside interference inside the cage. WWE worked very hard to protect Cena’s image when it’s strong enough to sustain a loss to a new star (Bray Wyatt). Admire how hard the talents worked but the finish was a head scratcher although I’m curious as to where this is going because as of right now I have no idea.

For the record and merely a personal preference, escaping the cage through the door is a lame stipulation in today’s world.

A NO Holds Barred scenario isn’t playing to Daniel Bryan’s strengths but DB defeating a much bigger, stronger adversary in Kane is what most people will remember. Thought the special effects with the forklift was a little time consuming and detached the live audience a a bit too long but the flaming table was a colorful blast from the past.

WWE Announces US Title Match For RAW

Triple H revealed the following match for tonight’s RAW on Twitter:

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Am I the only one, who thinks that battle royal matches are next to useless. They usually have 1-2 moves, the rest is just moving around and punching?

  • Greg Giggie

    yea that & they’re using too many. Andre the Giant BR @ WM only a few months after RR & now another one that determines a title? I hate battle royal determines titles, should be a gauntlet match, but they’ve got a tourney for IC title, so they’re at least pushing for some new guys &/or movement @ the upper mid & lower top card…

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