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Shane Douglas On Too Much Scripting, Fandango Talks Breaking In, New Tuesday WWE Show?

Shane Douglas Says WWE Limits Wrestlers With Scripting

ECW Original Shane Douglas says he doesn’t watch WWE because they overscript the wrestlers. He told WOIO-TV CBS-19 entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet:

I don’t watch very often. I do follow along with because of some of the other side projects I have going on. The heartbreaking thing to me is to see these young guys who are much better athletes than my generation was. My generation were much better athletes than Bruno’s was. But to watch these kids being put out there: here’s a teleprompter, here’s exactly what you’re going to say, do these moves and you only have four minutes to do them in. To me it’s heartbreaking because these kids aren’t being forced to learn their game. When I was a kid in the business, you always had in the back of your head this feeling that if I screw up I might be fired. So you went out every night and tore your rear end up to make sure that you gave the best performance you can and learning constantly because you never had that idea of ‘I’m so great I’m never going to be fired’. It was just never that way. And today these kids get these contracts and they get put in this vehicle that takes them down some other version of wrestling. To me it looks like guys dancing today, not guys competing against each other.

Douglas also discussed the CM Punk situation:

From what I’ve heard, and I know Punk but I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of years, but he’s a great talent and obviously a very talented kid. To be someplace for ten years or to work anywhere for ten years is a tough deal. But to work in the WWE for that long, knowing how their dressing room is run with this top heavy, condescending ‘do this and nothing else’ attitude it gets tiresome. Especially when you develop from being a young snot nosed kid to a talent that knows what he’s doing that person doesn’t like being lectured down to all the time. I have no idea that that’s going on, that would be my guess. But certainly it seems to me that just based on things that are being said publicly right now that it doesn’t seem like CM Punk is very happy in WWE.

Fandango Discusses Getting In To WWE

In a recent interview with the UK’s Sky Sports Fandango discussed getting in to wrestling and how his character was inspired:

I grew up as a huge WWE fan watching guys like Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, and ‘Ravishing” Rick Rude. I loved the flamboyant, pretty boys and the guys who got the girls and money. That inspired me and right after I got into wrestling I went to ballroom-dancing school. It was a big part of my training and got incorporated into my character.

WWE Surveys Fans About Potential New Show

WWE’s latest survey sent out to fans asks them what name they’d like for a possible new Tuesday show. The choices are Live Wire, Adrenaline, Full Throttle and Tuesday Night Live.

It’s not clear if this would be a WWE Network show or on TV. They also didn’t state if it was in-ring or recap/magazine style show.

WWE have used the Live Wire title several times in the past.

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