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SmackDown: Triple H Gives Miz Another Opportunity

Triple H The Miz

The master manipulator Triple H continued his mind games with the WWE roster on this week’s SmackDown. He painted himself as an equal opportunist and said the superstars are just using management as a scapegoat for their own failings. Even after doing “what’s best for business” on Monday’s RAW and giving the fan favorites an advantage over The Shield, he still gets criticized.

One of those critics is the Miz who blames the COO for his recent vicious beating at the hands of Randy Orton on RAW. However like the Daniel Bryan title situation, Triple H has plausible-deniability. Where is the evidence that he’s setting wrestlers up?

Hunter told The Miz that he continually squanders all of his opportunities and he cannot be held responsible for the actions of Randy Orton. Yet because he’s fair and does what’s best for business Miz will get another shot at Orton tonight.

Though we can argue about whether Triple H should have such a prominent on air role at all, his corporate disingenuous spiel is something many fans can relate to, and it’s frankly infuriating. We know he’s pupeteering everything, and the smug prick and his wife are rubbing it in our faces. I can’t wait for Big Show to finally snap and punch him right in the nose!

As things develop it looks like the payoff will have to be Daniel Bryan vs Triple H, now that Orton is just another victim of the mind games. As long as he gets the victory, exposes Hunter, who then runs off with his tail between his legs, I’ll be happy. Anything less will just confirm what many fans are already thinking, that the actions of his on air character are not too different from his real life backstage politics. That’s partly why the storyline is so effective, which of course he realizes.

September 27, 2013, WWE SmackDown Results

Randy Orton The Miz

– The Miz confronts Triple H and is given another match with Randy Orton.

– Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth with the low Superkick. After the match he illegally locked on the Cross Armbreaker, before RVD made the save. Triple H then made their match at Battleground Hardcore Rules.

– Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro def. The Prime Time Players, after Swagger made the blind tag and took Darren Young by surprise with the Patriot Lock.

– Bray Wyatt def. Zack Ryder with Sister Abagail’s Kiss.

– Dean Ambrose (w The Shield) vs Dolph Ziggler (w RVD & Kofi Kingston) ended in a No Contest. The match then became a 6 man.

– After considerable brawling and distractions, Seth Rollins snuck in a running Knee so Ambrose could get the victory.

– Triple H mocks Big Show and says if he just wants to call it quits he’ll help him find a new job as a doorman or a paperboy. He then mock cried, which nearly caused Big Show to snap.

– AJ Lee def. Cameron.

– Santino def. Heath Slater.

– Paul Heyman said Battleground will be a repeat of night of Champions, with CM Punk looking up at Ryback and the new Best In The World Paul Heyman.

– The Rhodes Family accepted Triple H’s invitation to appear on Raw this Monday.

– The Miz def. Randy Orton via Disqualification, when the Viper snapped once again. Triple H then made the match no DQ, allowing Orton to easily pick up the victory.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    6 man tag team match was very good, ziggler and the shield are absolutely brilliant in the ring.

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