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Hogan Given Ultimatum By Dixie, Angle’s Return

Will Hulk join Team Dixie?

Team DixieWeek two of Dixie Carter’s heel turn took place live from Little Rock, Arkansas, and it’s Hulk Hogan who found himself in the firing line.

GM Hulkster presented AJ Styles with a new contract ahead of his World title match with Bully Ray at Bound For Glory, and the Phenomenal One responded to the fans and put pen to paper. However TNA President Dixie Carter needed to remind Hulk, that although he’s opened many doors for TNA, he’s just an employee and it’s not his place to be offering up contracts. She said she doesn’t see any value in the “phenomenally marginal one” and ripped up the deal, before ordering Styles to get out of her ring!

“Nobody knows what it’s like” said Carter, who claimed she has to suffer making all the decisions. She said she was the 1%, and it’s people like her who are burdened with creating the world everybody else – the 99% – have to live in.

She gave Hulk Hogan 7 days to get on “Team Dixie” or be like AJ Styles and watch from the sidelines.

Since Hulk Hogan’s real life contract is up in October this power struggle storyline could well be Hogan’s swan song. As for Styles, it’s believed he signed a contract extension until the end of the year, so it may be that he remains out of contract in the storyline until he either departs or re-signs, with the conclusion of the story dependent on real life negotiations.

As explored last week this whole saga is just making the promotion look weak. Not only is it forcing wrestling fans to compare TNA to WWE, since the angle is so similar to both CM Punk’s pipebomb and the “Best For Business” storyline, but “airing dirty laundry” in a clichéd worked shoot, does nothing to alleviate fans real concerns with where the company is headed.

Dixie comes across as an incompetent businesswoman in real life. The answer to that is not to stick her on camera and give her an incompetent businesswoman character. The answer is to fix the company and be honest with fans about what’s going on. Just because it can, doesn’t mean the on camera product should reflect real life, especially when in real life it looks like the company is going through tough times.

WWE’s storyline works because they’re a successful multimillion dollar company with stockholders, and Triple H and Stephanie are confident in their roles. TNA is going through financial troubles and as surprisingly well as Dixie is doing, she’s not a seasoned performer nor making millions in real life.

Furthermore if this simply has to be the direction of the storyline, at least dive in head first! As much as Dixie clashed with Hogan this week, she was still gushing about everything he supposedly brings to the company, something hardcore fans (who are the target audience) simply do not believe. To them Hogan is an outdated nostalgia act, who is too egotistical to give back selflessly and is draining the company of much needed resources. He is why Dixie had to get rid of the other talent. Why ignore such a key element of realism? Why dress down Styles, an in ring performer in your main event of the biggest PPV of the year, and let Hogan off the hook? Either do it right or don’t do it at all.

Kurt Angle returning at Bound For Glory

It was announced during this week’s broadcast that Kurt Angle will be returning at the October 20th, Bound For Glory PPV, to accept his induction in to the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle recently completed a stint in rehab following another DWI arrest.

September 26, 2013, TNA Impact Results

– Bully Ray said even he was shocked at Dixie Carter putting AJ in his place, and that because she’s so inside AJ’s head he has nothing to worry about at Bound For Glory. Knux, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco interrupted and asked when he was going to put Aces and Eights business above Bully Ray businesses? Tonight they have to face the Main Event Mafia.

Bully bellowed that he makes the rules and that the 3 of them are nothing more the lackeys. “Look what I did to D’Lo, Mr Anderson, and even by brother Devon!” he screamed. He told them all to fall in line, and if any of them take the pin tonight, they’ll suffer the same fate as their fallen brothers.

– Backstage Eric Young warned Joseph Park not to shave before matches in case he cuts himself and snaps.

– ODB, Eric Young & Joseph Park def. Gail Kim & Bro-Mans. The match came to a close when ODB smothered Robbie E and Park sent him out of the ring. EY then hit a Fireman’s Slam on Jesse, which Park followed up with a Second Rope Splash, and ODB finished off with her own Splash.

– Austin Aries cut an interview saying even when he’s not in the main event he’s still headlining, and that the future is looking fine for him. Kenny King interrupted and said he was the one making headlines last year as the X-Division champion, but Aries screwed him over when he hid under the Manik costume and won the belt. Aries fired back saying King wasn’t a “pretty boy pitbull, but a boy that’s the pits, who’s full of bull.”

King then sucker punched Aries leading to an impromptu match. Austin Aries got the win with the Brainbuster.

Manik def. Chris Sabin to retain the X-Division title. During the match Sabin feigned a leg injury to get the upperhand and then later forcibly flung Velvet Sky in to Manik to cause the distraction. However his plan backfired when Manik reversed the pin. After the match Sabin delivered a beat down, but Austin Aries made the save.

– Samoa Joe, Magnus & Sting def. Knux, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff, after Joe made Brisco tap.

After the match Bully demanded Brisco hand over his cut, but he refused. He then barked at the other two to get the cut off him. They did nothing, forcing Bully to hit the Piledirver. Knux then reluctantly handed the cut to Bully.

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