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Sean O’Haire Commits Suicide: Former WCW and WWE Star

Former WCW and WWE star Sean O’Haire was found dead on September 9, 2014, in his Spartanburg, South Carolina home. He was 43 years old. According to TMZ he committed suicide by hanging himself from a bedpost. More will be known once the coroner releases an official cause of death and toxicology report.

O’Haire is perhaps best known for his run in the final months of WCW after he came up through their “Powerplant” training facility. He was one of several younger stars to be brought in to WWE after they purchased the company and was involved in the infamous invasion angle with partner Chuck Palumbo as the WCW tag champs. After a short feud with Undertaker and Kane, he was sent to OVW before returning to the main roster in 2003 in a “Devil’s Advocate” gimmick – where he would manipulate wrestlers and encourage people to bring out their darker side.

Many fans look back at his final run as a missed opportunity, he had a great look and mic abilities, however after a motorcycle accident he was dropped from the company.

Following WWE he spent a few years in Japan and on the Indys, and even tried his hand at kickboxing and MMA, but it seemed like he began to struggle with personal issues and racked up a hefty list of arrests for fighting, assaults and domestic abuse.

He is survived by his son Theodore.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    R.I.P, I always liked his style & ability. Awesome talent! I just hope this wasn’t another heart failure from drinking & drugging :/

  • Kent Walker

    Such a shame, was surprised we didnt get to see a bit more of him than the short run he got.
    Something has to be done about this, too many youngish guys departing too soon.

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