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Scott Hall and Piper Remember Warrior, Punk Buried By A Post-It Stamp, WWE Boycotts Nancy Grace

Scott Hall and Roddy Piper’s Thoughts On Ultimate Warrior

DDP has uploaded a video of Scott Hall giving his memories of the Ultimate Warrior:

Roddy Piper also commented on Warrior in an interview with FOX411:

For the wrestling community, he had a tremendous audience. A lot of people used to knock him for his interviews for not making any sense. What they didn’t understand is they weren’t supposed to. They were for children. ‘I’m Batman. I’m Superman.’ And there they are trying to get something great. No, they are for kids.

The one thing I’ll say about him is he was a little different, as we are all are, but he would be speaking out about guys like myself, Ric Flair, some other guys saying, ‘You guys should hang it up. It’s embarrassing. You keep going out.’ But he (legally) changed his name to Warrior. I found that a little hypocritical.

Ultimate Warrior WCW

That being said, Warrior always maintained that he changed his name so he could own the rights, not because of ego. He had very little to do with wrestling for many years.

CM Punk Post-It Stamped Out of History

I’ve heard of WWE trying to erase stars from their history, but never by post-it stamp!

During The Ultimate Legend special on the WWE Network, there is a scene where Warrior meets WWE merchandise staff. In the background CM Punk’s face is hidden behind a post-it.

WWE Warning: Stay Away From Nancy Grace

TMZ are reporting that WWE have issued an internal warning to stay away from the Nancy Grace show, even to past performers.

We’re told there’s a strong word going around the grapevine that anyone connected to the brand should STAY AWAY from Nancy if they wanna keep a working relationship.

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