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Scott Hall Makes Benoit Joke, JR Tells McMahon Fart Story, Wrestlemania Poster

Scott Hall Makes Joke About Chris Benoit Photo

Scott Hall cracked a joke on Twitter this morning referencing an old photo of himself, Undertaker and Chris Benoit:

“Me, Dead Man and Taker.”

Some fans called him out, but he told them to loosen up:

“When people ask me about Chris I remember this time in Tokyo at the Hard Rock Cafe when I saw him flip out on this chick…He was my friend. I think he’d get it. Loosen up.”

Jim Ross Tells Embarrassing Vince Story On Opie and Anthony

Jim Ross was on the Opie and Anthony show this morning and discussed an embarrassing Vince McMahon story.

During a comedy segment being taped during the Attitude Era, McMahon was supposed to fart and Gerald Brisco would feign throwing up.

Well when Vince did his bit, things went a bit too far and he “sharted” instead. Ross says he was wearing light Khakis and literally soiled himself, and didn’t have time to change before a live promo. The production crew didn’t dare catch his pants on camera.

Revised Wrestlemania Poster

In Demand have released a revised Wrestlemania poster without CM Punk:

Wrestlemania 30 poster

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