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School Kid Punished For TNA Hair Cut, Joe Makes Up With Russo, MVP’s Goals

School Kid Punished For Shaving TNA In His Hair

A school kid from the UK was pulled out of regular class and put in isolation lessons because he broke hairstyle policy and had the letters TNA shaved in to his hair. 12 year old Aidan Fradley was preparing for the TNA event at Wembley Arena, London, but Deputy headteacher Calum Leys considered it an “extreme hairstyle”.

TNA hair cut

In response Dixie Carter Tweeted that he’s sending Aidan some merchandise:

“Aidan, thx for being a fan & to avoid future trouble, I’m sending you a box of TNA merch so u can show your support & still stay in school!”

Dixie should be reminded however that in the UK kids wear a uniform, so he still won’t be able to wear any of it at school.

Samoa Joe Clears Air With Vince Russo

Samoa Joe recently noted on Twitter that he’s cleared the air with Vince Russo:

“Cleared the air with Vince Russo over past differences.”

Joe has been particularly vocal in the past over Russo’s kidnapping storyline that went nowhere.

MVP Discusses His TNA Goals

In a recent interview with V2 Wrestling MVP discussed his goals in TNA:

WWE is a spectacular company, and their market saturation and visibility is monstrous, but the most prosperous time during the history of wrestling was during the Monday Night Wars when WWF was going head-to-head with WCW. You had 12 million people a week tuning in to watch wrestling, and the fans benefited as well as the wrestlers. TNA is a smaller company and doesn’t have the outreach and audience that WWE does, but I’d like to try, along with some of the other guys, to move the needle a little bit, and try to create something where fans can go ‘Hey, this is really cool, there’s something going on over here that we can watch as well,’ because I firmly believe that there’s room for two big dogs in the yard.

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