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Scarecrows At Wrestlemania, Why The Rock Won’t Be There, Steve Austin Talks CM Punk

Another Wrestlemania Casting Call

WWE have issued several casting calls for extras to be included in some of the Wrestlemania entrances. The latest one is asking for “scarecrows,” but it’s not clear who they will be used for.

Earlier this week WWE were seeking men to play Russian soldiers, likely to be used for Rusev’s entrance.

The Rock Busy During Mania

The Rock will not be on hand during Wrestlemania as he has been booked to host Saturday Night Live on the 28th, to help promote the release of “Fast & Furious 7.”

Would Austin have done MMA?

Speaking with Bas Rutten on this week’s Inside MMA Steve Austin was asked if he’d have done MMA if it was around during his rookie years:

Had the sport been more evolved like it is now and I had the killer instinct like in my football days. I had the mindset for it, but who knows if I could have adapted the skill set and training. I turned out to be a good football player and a great pro wrestler. I found the right calling.

If it’s another day and age, Kurt Angle would have been a guy. I don’t know how the Undertaker would have done, but he’s a huge fan so you have to throw him in there.

Austin also discussed CM Punk:

I’ll be cheering for him. It’s not like we’re best friends, but I’ll be wishing him well. I’ll be real excited to see his debut.

On CM Punks wrestling career, Austin said:

I like what he brings to the ring. Very controlled, very precise, great psychology. Half of the battle is being in an angle that grabs people and gets them in the building. CM Punk cuts a great promo. Him spinning off me, me spinning off him, that means money.

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