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Sandow Talks Lack of Push, Buff Bagwell On Gigolos, Cesaro Talks Main Eventing

Damien Sandow Not Unhappy With Lack of “Push”

When Damien Sandow was asked by about WWE creative stopping and starting his and others’ pushes, Sandow did not accept the premise:

I think your actual language, in my opinion, is what’s wrong with a lot of the Superstars. I don’t mean that as a shot at you… let me explain myself… their frustrations and, I hate this term, but ‘push.’ What is a push? Every time you get a chance on television, that is a chance to win fans. That is a chance to create good content.

A lot of the guys… ‘I’m not working in the main event.’ If they have a problem with that, you get yourself in the main event. If you’re not, you make sure your match is the best match of the night. You can only go forward. I never saw me losing my briefcase to John Cena as a bad thing, it was a chance for my character to evolve. And evolve I did! I think, looking back at my career, when it’s all said and done, that night will go down as one of the most pivotal nights in my career.

Buff Bagwell Reality Show Clip

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell will be on Showtime’s Gigolos next week. Here is a preview clip:

Cesaro On Being Seen As A Top Guy

In a recent interview with the Greenaby Press Gazette Cesaro was asked when fans first realized that he could be a “prime time player” in WWE?

Oh, I would never want to be a prime time player (laughs). I take this very seriously because it’s given me a lot of opportunities and I’ve realized all my dreams, so I think when you see me, you see that I’m having fun and you see that I’m doing this very well and that I’m very skilled at it. Because of that, I would like to think that the fans saw pretty quickly that I’m not somebody to be taken lightly. And I know all my opponents that I’ve been in the ring with immediately realized that as well. I think that’s the passion I have for this.

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