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Samoa Joe Talks NXT Possibility, Cena & Bryan On Meeting Vince, CM Punk On Skateboard

Samoa Joe Open To All Offers

When asked if he’d be open to going to NXT, Samoa Joe told the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show:

I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to prove myself. Every promotion I’ve ever worked for, initially when I started out, never wanted me. I remember my first Ring of Honor show and [Gabe Sapolsky. Former ROH booker] told me, ‘Hey listen, we can’t afford a flight out from California every month, so it will probably be a one-off deal.’ And then walking back through the curtain after that first match and him going, ‘you’re on every show.’ I think when you do get to the point where you’re not willing to go out there and prove what you can do, I understand guys they feel strongly a certain way, that’s fine, I think it’s individual for everybody, but I know for me I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to prove myself anywhere.

I’ve always firmly believed that you can’t deny talent and cream always rises to the top. Those are two things you always hear clichés among all sports not just pro wrestling and it’s something that I firmly believe. At the end of the day, if you’ve got it you’re going to get there. You’ve got to find the opportunities, the doors and the windows you can find and do what you need to do.

Joe also discussed some of his peers making it to NXT and WWE:

I’m over the moon happy for those guys. Anyone that knows what the independent wrestling life is, it’s quite a grind, and for years there was that connotation kind of attached to it where a lot of those guys wouldn’t get a fair shot in a bigger company. To see those guys doing so well and to see those guys taking the opportunity and running with it, I think it’s indicative of what you’ll find out on the independent circuit in a lot of cases. It’s interesting, I think Hunter he’s kinda come to realize that. I think most wrestlers up there they do respect the journeymen, the guys that go out there and grind it out, do this for the love and they realize there’s talent out there.

Joe recently announced his return to ROH.

Vince Hated Cena’s Look

WWE’s website recently asked stars what it was like when they first met Vince McMahon. John Cena and Daniel Bryan’s responses are particularly funny.

John Cena:

They literally dragged me by the arm to Vince’s office, threw me in and asked him, ‘What do you think?’ I had ridiculously ugly, long, super-dyed blond hair that was shaved bald on the sides. He turned around and with a disgusted look on his face, he said, ‘Cut his hair,’ and I was whisked away from Vince like an assembly line.

That was the first time I met Vince McMahon and he was disgusted to look at me. They shipped me out and I immediately got a haircut, which was not dyed blond, but equally as horrible.

Daniel Bryan:

I didn’t even know how to sit in a suit. He asked me things like, ‘What would you like to see happen?’ I told him that I’d like to come in and be a top guy, but I had concerns about not being very big. I have a very self-deprecating sense of humor and think of myself as a humble person, so it’s hard for me to say that I’m good at something. Vince said, ‘Shawn tells me you’re very good.’ And I just said, ‘Well, I’m okay.’ And I could tell instantly he disliked that.

It was very awkward and very uncomfortable. Vince takes these very long pauses after he asks you a question and you answer him. He’ll just look at you. Some will start talking, which I think he likes because it shows they’re uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable, but I just looked at him. I was waiting for him to talk and he was waiting for me to talk. It was surreal. I was very nervous and even in in my $500 suit — which I thought was the most expensive suit in the world — I knew I was inadequately dressed. This guy has the power to control your destiny.

CM Punk Endorses Skateboard

The Gracie MMA Academy along with CM Punk recently endorsed a motorized skateboard. You can watch Punk, Lyoto Machida and others riding the boards below:

Low Ki Working On WWE 2K16

TNA star Low Ki is helping to do the motion capture for 2K Sport’s WWE 2K16 video game:

Legends Talks Sting vs Triple H

Arn Anderson and Michael Hayes were the guests on Michael Cole’s latest sit down interview, discussing Sting vs Triple H at Wrestlemania:

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  • Arindam S. Roy

    Would be awesome to see Samoa Joe and the Coqina Clutch in NXT; he’ll have to lose quite a bit of weight and get fitter though.

    • Greg Giggie

      i’m sure they’ll want him to get a bit tighter for sure if he came that way, but they could work with the sloppy, doesn’t care, mow people (especially the overall smaller NXT roster) over type character. Question for people; do you think they’d repackage altogether? As in, a different name because every other person (Steen, KENTA, Devitte) has had to do so & I never liked just ‘Samoa Joe’ anyway, feels like WCW Mr. JL style lazy. I mean I get it starting out in the Indys & I guess @ a certain point it’s what you’re known for, but man.

  • Yin

    @Arindam he is fit. Have you ever seen a match to suggest otherwise? Better yet, have you ever seen a match with Joe in it. Ignorance is bliss.

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