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Samoa Joe Discusses Kidnapping Angle, Anderson Has Twins, Riddick Bowe Wants TNA Job

Samoa Joe Discusses Unanswered Kidnapping Storyline

In the latest episode of MLW Radio hosted by Konnan, Samoa Joe discussed the infamous TNA storyline where he was kidnapped, but it was never explained why:

“You want me to break the silence on that? I don’t like getting in verbal spats with people who I don’t think are worth my time or my effort and a dude in particular is Vince Russo. This cat, I don’t have a problem with Vince Russo. When he left I just told him, it is what it is. He always had 22 million reasons for making the decisions that he made. But when Hogan and Bischoff came in they said, ‘Oh we have this great idea. We are going to do this thing and take you off of TV and re-brand you. Do all this other stuff. We do this kidnapping thing and you come back as a psychopath.’ I was cool with it.

I sat at home for 3 months on a b—hing ass vacation. I had one of the best vacations in the history of vacations. Paid vacation. Getting ready so I call them back week after week, ‘What do you guys need me to do’. They would say ‘We are still coming up with something’. Vince Russo with his infinite ridiculousness just said, we are short on babyfaces. So I get a call saying, ‘Joe we need to bring you back to TV.’

So I asked him, how is it that you are going to bring me back. He said, I don’t know how just yet but we need to bring you in. So the dude couldn’t write his way out of a kidnapping. The only reason why I bring this up is because he has the audacity to blame all of his silliness on other people. And by the way wrestlers, pro wrestlers all over the world and people in the business, stop whoring yourself out to shoot interviews. This man couldn’t write his way out of a kidnapping. That’s how much respect he had for the product, how much respect he had for the fans and that is indicative of his style of what he did. He was the head writer at the time and this is the way he felt that was admissible. Now I know this little b—h is going to go back on a shoot and talk all of this s–t.”

Though he remained diplomatic, Joe made it clear in the interview that he’s ready to be pushed.

Ken Anderson Has Twins

Congrats to Ken Anderson who is now the father of twins. He wrote on Instagram:

“Prescott Liberty Anderson (she’s on the left) Pearce Remington Anderson (he’s on the right)”

Former Boxer Wants To Join TNA

riddick bowe TNAFormer boxer Riddick Bowe who previously reached out to WWE, wrote on Twitter that he now wants a job with TNA:

“How bout my fans help me convince @TNADixie to give me a shot at wrestling.. spread the word partners”

The 46 year old retired in 2008.

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