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Samoa Joe Backstage At NXT, Triple H With New Talent, Ziggler Posts Rant

Samoa Joe Meets With Triple H?

Jim Ross and others have made note that Samoa Joe was backstage at last night’s NXT TV taping. report that he was there to meet with Triple H about joining the brand. It’s long been thought that an offer was on the table and it’s only a matter of time before it’s official.

Triple H Pictured With New NXT Talent

Ziggler Shoots On Sheamus

In quite a long Twitter rant Dolph Ziggler seemed to “shoot” on Sheamus as part of their feud, but some are speculating that it goes a bit deeper than that. He wrote:

Ive got the boyz to make the noize! Years in the making, almost as long as we’ve been waiting for you to connect! Trust me, he connects. Frustrated, outdated, I really wanna be overrated. Overachievement and charisma almost equal being tall and wearing marital beads on your mouth, yet I’m the one with the attitude problem. It’s not `what can the system do for you,’ it’s `what can you do for the system’. You’ve got 5 months to prove that “I” need “YOU” This is for everyone screwed over bc they did what they weren’t supposed to, GET OVER it, you mad, bro? sad for a guy who never loses. BTW haven’t you kissed enough ass, fella? Bang your head.

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