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Ryback Returns, Survivor Series Main Event, CM Punk Merch Is Back

Ryback Is Back

Ryback returned to WWE on this week’s RAW after taking several months off for hernia surgery. He answered an open challenge from Bo Dallas and easily got the victory. Curiously his tag partner Curtis Axel was not with him:

[Let’s hope this is a fresh start for Ryback and they build him back up to where he was before getting squashed by Cena. If Axel is no longer his partner, they should just repackage him in his father’s gimmick or really push the “better than perfect” character.]

Team Cena vs Team Authority

One of the Survivor Series PPV main events is already in the bag, as the Authority announced that they will form a team to take on Team Cena, in a traditional 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match. This means Cena won’t be having his title match against Brock Lesnar on the event.

More From RAW …

Also on RAW Randy Orton snapped on arrogant Seth Rollins, Mark Henry turned heel on the Big Show, and Dean Ambrose decieded to take out Cesaro before their match so he could focus on Bray Wyatt. The Eater of Worlds never came to the ring but did cut a promo on the tron telling Ambrose that he would would “dismantle his mind and feast on the spoils.”

WWE and CM Punk Reach Agreement

In a sign that WWE and CM Punk have come to some kind of agreement, the former champ’s merchandise is now back on sale at WWEShop. Back in the Summer Punk – who walked out on his WWE contract – sent the company a legal letter warning them to stop selling his merchandise as he has the right to his own name. Presumably he’s now getting a fair cut.

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  • Jimmy John

    I can see John Cena’s team going a couple different ways. Randy orton joins it to undermine Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose also joins due to Seth Rollins. Ryback joins to align with John Cena. Big Shows joins, opposite of Mark Henry who would join the Authority. Dolph Ziggler and/or Ceaaro join John Cena’s team to protest always being held back by the Authority. Hulk Hogan joins Cenas team while Rick Flair joins the Authority. CM Punk comes back to join John Cena, against the Authority, everyone knows how Punk hates any kind of authority figure. Titus Oneal to join either side, to start getting a push, that he deserves. Shamus joining John Cena while Rusev joins the Authority. Chris Jerico comes back to join John Cena, opposite of Kane, on the Authority. Stone Cold Steve Austin to Join John Cena, to rid the Authority of running things, as he as expressed lately that there needs to be a major change in WWE. The Dudleys come back to join one side while the Hardys come back to join the other. Kurt Angle comes back to join the Authority, as he wants back in the WWE and he is already an authority figure on TNA. And finally,.. last but not least.. the greatest of all time surprise wrestlers to join either side, for any story line,.. STING!

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