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WWE Confirms RVD Is Taking Time Off

RVD taking time off from confirmed in an article that RVD will be taking time off following his loss at Battleground to regroup. This is due to contractual breaks that the ECW Original had written in to his new deal.

Part of the reason RVD left WWE in 2007 was because he wasn’t a fan of the grueling schedule and wanted to spend time with his wife who was battling cancer. He told in the Summer:

“I was burned out from the schedule. I never had any time off and I was always homesick. And once I knew for sure that [the new] ECW was going downhill, I was disheartened and unmotivated and the routine became monotonous.”

Because TNA’s non-televised events were limited, they offered the perfect place for him to work, though as their touring increased and he became disenfranchised with the product, naturally he headed back to the big leagues.

It would appear the same concerns with WWE’s schedule still apply and he’s looking to follow in the shoes of other veterans like Chris Jericho who have an on and off relationship with the company, or bigger names like Lesnar who get considerable breaks.

“I’m definitely not interested in a full time schedule,” Van Dam said in an interview with VOC Nation in July.

While a part time schedule is certainly something many older wrestlers desire, it also clashes with the potential for being a top guy. If RVD is looking to have a run with the World Heavyweight title for example, it seems unlikely the company would allow him to, if he’s just going to up and leave for a few months like Jericho. Despite returning with a lot of hype, the bizarre pairing with Ricardo Rodriquez is not quite what a lot of fans were hoping for.

Of course it may be that Van Dam is content with simply hovering in the upper-midcard putting younger talent over, but he seemed very ambitious upon returning and we’ve got to hope that this isn’t the peak of his final run. There was a time around One Night Stand when we thought the rocket was strapped to his back, but ultimately the buzz died down, not least because of drug arrests.

Perhaps right now it’s just bad timing. WWE is clearly embarking on a new generation, with Del Rio, Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, Daniel Bryan etc making it considerably harder for the lower tier veterans to have an impact. It’s sad because RVD always struggled with breaking the proverbial “glass ceiling”, and it seems now it’s shattered he’s too old to get through it.

While RVD isn’t leaving WWE, it seems he isn’t going to progress much either if he can’t commit. It’s believed he’ll be working in 90 day increments, with several weeks off in between.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I hope RVD wins some title, tag or the intercontinental. or is it united states title only today?

    • Kent Walker

      give him a run with ic or us title, he can be a massive benefit in helping younger guys get over, if hes got a contract like jericho then wwe can rotate rvd and jericho keeping at least one consistent performer there in the higher mid- card to do the job for the younger talent and still look good doing it.

      • Kent Walker

        or even bring back the cruiserweight title ( drop the world title, it seems pointless having a world title and an intercontinental title when both world and intercontinental both mean practically the same thing ) with rvd, jericho and the smaller chaps, theres plenty of smaller talent they could utilize that would put on a massive show at the start of any ppv given the chance and rvd and jericho can work with almost anyone.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I think he’d be a great boost to the IC title, which seems to be just a prop these days.

  • ReallyPeople?

    they did put RVD over…then he got arrested with a pharmacy in his car. They don’t trust him, and never will. upper mid-card forever

    • Keelan Balderson

      That’s true, I forgot about his arrest.

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