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RVD Taking Time Off, Mick Foley Health Update, Heyman Praises Shane Douglas

RVD Taking His Next Break

As per his on and off contract, RVD will be taking his second break from WWE going forward. It’s believed that he’ll be back again after another couple of months.

Foley Blogs About Back Issues

As noted earlier today Mick Foley had to cancel some comedy dates because of a back issue. He elaborated in a new blog post:

I knew when I got involved with professional wrestling, participating in the style I chose to use, that back pains were just going to come with the territory. From a 1994 disc herniation that had back specialists throwing around the term “partial paralysis”, to my struggles with sciatic nerve pain over the last 17 years, back pain has been pretty constant in my life. But after spending half of my family Disney World vacation in bed – literally not able to get out of bed, I realize I am going to have to do something. A couple years ago, a respected neurosurgeon told me that I simply had too many issues with my back – skeletal, neurological, etc., – and there was no one operation that was going to be the answer to relieving my pain. But as the Godfather told me once, “limpin ain’t easy” – and after 17 years of doing it, I think it’s about time I sought out a second opinion.

Paul Heyman Talks Early ECW recently spoke with Paul Heyman about the birth of the original ECW and he discussed Shane Douglas’ integral role:

Shane Douglas’s work in the first 11 months as The Franchise of ECW was so groundbreaking. He made people forget about his on-air persona in WCW and successfully reinvented himself as The Franchise in ECW. He became a homegrown talent in the same way The Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer and Joey Styles were recognized as homegrown talent. Though the term ECW Original wasn’t in vogue during August 1994, he was certainly accepted by that audience with the branding stamp of ECW across his persona.

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