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RVD Shoots On WWE Creative, Nash In Hall of Fame? Ric Flair’s WWE Deal, Paige Interview

RVD Shoots On WWE Writers

When asked by a fan on Twitter when he’d next be back with WWE, RVD suggested not with their current creative team. It’s not clear what his beef is, but he may not have liked his last run, that or they don’t have any good ideas for his return.

Chris Jericho has been vocal in the past about how he never wants to be on WWE TV unless creative have a meaningful storyline for him to be involved in.

Kevin Nash Considered For HOF

According to Kevin Nash is being considered as another name for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame. Nash is obviously equally as worthy as Scott Hall who went in last year. In fact as Diesel he had a run on top while Razor Ramon never made it past the IC title picture.

Other names being considered include Ray “The Crippler” Stevens and Larry Zbyszko.

Ric Flair’s Appearances

Ric Flair revealed to the Burton Mail that his current WWE deal sees him have a handful of TV appearances worked out:

I appear on WWE programming about eight or nine times a year now. I think I could offer more and I think the management would like to use me more but it is about the offers that have to follow me that they have to consider as well. I can be a very tough act to follow. I can still be active and will be for many more years to come, but they also have to take into account the other superstars at the same time.

Paige Wants Divas Only Network Special

In a recent interview with the Josh Show WWE Diva Paige said she’d love to have a Diva’s only in-ring special on the Network:

I would love that to because before I wrestled here I used to work for an all-women wrestling show and so many people used to come out to watch it. These women would kick each others asses, we used to beat the living hell out of each other and people used to love it. I think there is definitely a draw and there are a lot of people would be very interested in watching it.

Paige also praised Sasha Banks:

I’m best friends with Bailey but Sasha Banks is the full package. Like everything about her, she’s got a character, she’s got the moves. Backstage she is so sweet and professional and actually amazing.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    i don’t blame RVD and Jericho. The writers have been doing better writing main events, but they mid card and others are just kinda floating around with no direction or 2 week storylines before they are off doing something else

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