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RVD Does Flip In New Orleans Bar, Mysterio Misses Punk, Injury At Axxess? Flair Shoots On Foley

RVD Partying In New Orleans

RVD who is in New Orleans for non-WWE events was filmed doing a flip dive at a bar last night. The video can be found on

Their “tipster” noted: “Got a fat lip from it, but so worth it.”

It’s believed that RVD will be back with WWE at the post-Wrestlemania RAW.

Rey Mysterio Misses CM Punk

Rey Mysterio posted on Instagram that he misses CM Punk:

There seems to be a lot of Punk talk from those in the business this week. Both Steve Austin and DDP have gone on record saying they believe he’ll be at Wrestlemania.

NXT Star Injured At Wrestlemania Axxess?

Live fan reports suggest Corey Graves may have been injured during his match with Troy McClain at Wrestlemania Axxess today. The match was reportedly ended early and Graves was helped to the back with an undisclosed injury.

Ric Flair Says Mick Foley Isn’t Normal

Ric Flair wasn’t just emotional on yesterday’s Legends of Wrestlemania show on the WWE Network, but also a bit of a jackass towards Mick Foley. JBL had brought up that Flair called Mick a “glorified stuntman” in his book, and although Foley said they’d buried the hatchet long ago, Naitch ended up ripping him later in the program.

He said Mick wasn’t normal or “right in the head” for rolling around on thumbtacks, which seemed to cause an awkward silence from the Hardcore Legend.

I guess in the Nature Boy’s world it’s still “normal” to party like he’s in is 20s.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    didn’t flair have a hardcore match against foley in tna, where he was thrown on thumbtacks? :D

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