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Russo Concerned For CM Punk, Vickie Talks WWE Run, Cena Honors Goldust

Vince Russo On Punk Doing UFC

In a clip from his recent interview with WrestleTalkTV Vince Russo discussed his concerns at CM Punk doing MMA:

There are two things that concern me. I’m not a big UFC guy, but I’ve talked to enough guys in UFC. The two things that concern me are Punk’s age. He’s not going into UFC as a spring chicken, he’s in his late 30’s … Number two what I’m more concerned about is the injuries he sustained in the WWE. You’re going to heal from injuries, but every time you bounce back, you’re a little less of yourself. He’s had so many injuries in the WWE, if he goes into the UFC against younger, healthier fighters, I’d be concerned.

Vickie Guerrero Interview Highlights

Vickie Guerrero was the latest wrestling guest on Talk Is Jericho and discussed first working with WWE after the death of Eddie. She denied it had anything to do with helping her financially:

I actually didn’t need any help. We had life insurance and we were okay. It was an eye awakening. I kind of disappeared for a year, I was taking care of the girls. Johnny (Ace) didn’t approach me until July of the following year.

She explained that she was first brought in to do a short storyline with Rey Mysterio but the company took a liking to her. Vickie admitted that her first promos sucked:

They gave me a promo and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I went out there and was like a deer in headlights. I got through it and Dusty Rhodes says ‘come here honey we gotta talk. Honey that sucked so bad, but I still love you.

Vickie also discussed how Eddie was talking with WWE long before he made the jumped from WCW:

[They] always had a special relationship. When Eddie was jumping over with the Radicalz to come to Raw, they were talking for a while. They were already talking and Eddie would go and visit with him, and they had these meetings … I didn’t know what [the meetings] were about. Eddie kept it quiet, because it was such a big jump. Vince has just been so good to me. Even Linda and Stephanie, they were such a big instrument in making sure I was okay.

Goldust Gets Birthday Surprise

John Cena lead the crowd at yesterday’s Birmingham, England, house show in celebrating Goldust’s 46th birthday.

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