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Russo Calls Dixie A Massive Mark, Kurt Angle Staying With TNA?

Why James Mitchell Left TNA

Wrestling manager James Mitchell posted a blog on Facebook this week explaining what Vince Russo believes was the reason he was released from TNA in 2008. Russo basically calls Dixie Carter a massive “mark” who cannot differentiate between heel characters and the people who play them:

During a recent conversation with former WWE and TNA head writer, Vince Russo on Vince Russo’s Pyro & Ballyhoo, I asked him to explain to me how the decision was made in TNA creative to fire me, when I was clearly a good soldier, a top tier on-screen presence who got real heat and unquestionably one of the very few money-promo guys. He offered the following:

“Two overlaying things with TNA. One is much bigger than the other. And Jim, one of ’em is like almost unbelievable to say, okay? Dixie Carter, I hate to say this, and I hate to use this word, but after owning the company for so many years, Jim, was still such a mark that if Jim Mitchell would be the Devil on television and was getting heat because that was his job, and that’s what he was paid to do, because people were booing and hissing you, Dixie did not like Jim Mitchell. Not that she, and you shouldn’t laugh, this is a shoot, so literally bro, if you’re getting heat and people are booing you and she doesn’t like you because of your “character”, a lot of times that transforms into her not liking you.


That explains a lot about her subsequent creative input. Perhaps if I posted Tweets insensitive to Japanese typhoon victims, as she recently did, I would have been more in line with her vision of how a heel gets heat.

Though Mitchell seems to have happily accepted this account, at this stage can we really believe anything Vince Russo says? Doesn’t it seem a little far fetched? Sure, Dixie might not have recognized the immense talent a man like Mitchell brought to the program, but to say she’s stupid enough to think wrestling heels are real just comes across as a cheap way to bitch about her. There’s plenty of legitimate things to bitch at her about without making up silly scenarios.

Mitchell who was known as James Vandenberg in WCW and Sinister Minister in the original ECW enquired about joining WWE’s FCW in 2009, but they pretty much snubbed him and said he’d have to pay for a tryout like the rookies.

WWE Wouldn’t Give Angle Part Time Deal

According to the Wrestling Observer Kurt Angle is staying with TNA after WWE offered him a full time deal. Angle says he turned down the offer because he doesn’t think his body can handle the schedule, but it would be naïve to think WWE aren’t aware of that fact.

In other words they offered him a deal that would never go through instead of outright saying they didn’t want him.

It’s certainly a slap in the face, as Angle was a huge part of the early 2000s and is an undeniable star – why not give him a part time deal? Perhaps they feel he can’t pass the medical or that he still has “demons”, but there’s no need to be political about it. Let him take the tests and if he fails it’s on him.

The former Olympian has mentioned several times that this will be his last run, so it looks like fans’ dream of one more WWE run is not going to happen.

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