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Rusev Injured, Rousey Wants Full WWE Storyline, Dixie Carter Reality Show, AJ Styles To NXT?

Rusev Suffers Leg Injury

Rusev suffered a lower leg injury during Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, putting his Elimination Chamber appearance in doubt. WWE will update fans by Sunday, with Bray Wyatt on standby to take his place.

Ronda Rousey Still Up For WWE Run

Far from backing away from WWE, Ronda Rousey has told the WallStreet Journal that she wants to be fully involved in a storyline and also wants her Four Horsewomen running-mates to appear on TV or NXT.

She says she’ll just have to change UFC President Dana White’s mind if he’s still not down with the idea.

It’s possible that her appearances won’t be for Wrestlemania 32 because she’s scheduled for a movie around that time.

Dixie Carter Pushing Reality Show

Despite TNA’s future being in doubt Dixie Carter spent considerable time pushing her reality show concept at a recent backstage conference according to the Wrestling Observer. The cameras for the “Dixie show” were even filming the meeting, at a time when talent are more concerned about the Destination America deal for Impact.

The feeling is that even if Impact is cancelled she’ll still be pushing the reality show.

WWE Interested In AJ Styles Again?

WWE are still said to be interested in signing AJ Styles and may be more open to negotiate now that NXT has really taken off.

Styles initially turned down a WWE offer because he didn’t want to go to developmental or take a pay cut. The signing of Samoa Joe suggests the company are now happy for independent stars to continue working their own dates, which might entice Styles to take another look.

NXT will begin a full touring schedule next year and they want all of the talent and star power they can get.

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