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Rosa Has Secret, The Rock Thought Hornswoggle Was Kid, Jarrett Joins Bullet Club

Rosa Mendes To Reveal Alcohol Issues?

In the new season of Total Divas Rosa Mendes is going to reveal a “dark secret” according to promotional material. As reported earlier this week the teaser video shows a censored clip of her naked in a hotel room being greeted by a shocked Natalya.

In another clip released today Natlalya remarks “I think you look great, but I would change because if one of them saw you wearing that, they wouldn’t want you doing ‘Be a STAR’ or talking to kids about reading.”

It may be that the show explores her drinking problems.

Hornswoggle Says Rock Thought He Was Make A Wish Kid

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation Hornswoggle discusses the first time he met The Rock in 2011, and that the “Great One” thought he was a Make A Wish kid:

I told him [The Rock], ‘I met you backstage the night you came back in [Anaheim], when you were revealed as the guest host for WrestleMania, and you thought I was a Make a Wish kid. You tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Did you have a good time tonight buddy?’ Then you walked off and you realized it, then you said to Big Show, ‘Hornswoggle thinks I thought he was a Make a Wish kid, and I did think he was.

Jarrett Partners With NJPW

As reported last month Jeff Jarrett’s GFW promotion has partnered with the number 2 company in the world, New Japan Pro Wrestling. They subsequently ran an angle where he joined the heel stable the Bullet Club, which is essentially a homage to groups like DX and the NWO for the Japanese market.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    With NJPW, holy mamma Jarrett is heading high :)

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