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Roman Reigns Hospitalized, Why Wrestlers Wet Hair, Hardy Talks Owen Rib, WWE India Investment

Roman Reigns Has Emergency Surgery

WWE announced the following today … it does not appear to be a storyline:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — has learned Roman Reigns has been rushed to a Nashville, Tenn., hospital to undergo emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia. Reigns had been in Nashville to promote tomorrow’s Night of Champions event. His recovery time will be evaluated by the local surgeon and WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann following today’s operation.

Why Bret Hart Wet His Hair

In a recent interview with TSN Bret Hart was asked why wrestlers wet their hair before matches:

The truth is for me I always wet my hair because it was a way of waking up. You get tired, flying in and driving up and then it’s like your finally ready to go out and you gotta deliver in your big match. So, I always used to take a big cold glass of water and pour it over my head and kind of wake myself up before I went out. And then everyone after that is just trying to look like Bret Hart (laughs).

Matt Hardy Remembers Owen Hart Rib

Matt Hardy who was a rookie jobber when Owen Hart was still alive, discussed a rib he witnessed from the “king of ribs”, in a recent interview with the Huffington Post:

Well, I first learned from probably the most famous ribber – that was Owen Hart. Even when we were first starting on TV as part time workers, Owen was always constantly up to different jokes. Probably the greatest rib I’ve ever been involved in happened at a pay-per-view event where Owen used me as one of the guys to stand guard and make sure that Vince McMahon and the office guys didn’t leave the building. He told them not to leave a specific room they were in because he told them that there was some emergency across the building. In the meantime, he rushed all of the hoardings that they bought for the set into Vince’s office and they crashed and ruined it which was pretty hilarious and also pretty gutsy on Owens part to rib the boss like that.

WWE’s Investment In India

MUMBAI, SEPT 19: New York-listed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) along with Ten Sports will invest a little over $100 million (Rs 600 crore) in the Indian sporting-related entertainment market, according to sources.

While Rakesh Sethi, CEO, Ten Sports, refused to give out any financial numbers related to revenue or investment, WWE’s General Manager India, Rukn Kizilbash, said that the firm was committed to the Indian market and is making good amount of investment.

Sethi said the funds will be used to bring in technology to reduce the gap between the television shows between India and the US market. Besides, it will be used to organise more live events in the country and launch a WWE line of merchandise both for kids and adults.

Ten Sports, which has the exclusive rights for the WWE in India, has extended their television distribution agreement for five more years through 2019.

Sethi further added that while the partnership would work towards creating more local content, telecast in regional languages but also create more live events that could bring India on the global tourism map.

WWE conducts 300 live events in a year globally.

In addition to the continued broadcasts of WWE’s flagship programs Raw, SmackDown, NXT and monthly pay-per-view specials, starting January 1, 2015, Ten Sports will introduce a new one-hour fully customised version of Raw tailored specifically for the Indian audience and add WWE Main Event™ to its programming lineup.

Ten Sports will also air WWE content in multiple Indian languages for the first time and bring WWE live events back to India in 2015, Sethi said during the launch here today.

“India remains a strategically important market for WWE and we are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with Ten Sports, the region’s leader in sports programming,” said Gerrit Meier, WWE Executive Vice President, International.

“As the value of the WWE brand and our content continues to increase around the world, the scale and scope of this new agreement illustrates our ability to drive a passionate and engaged audience as well as the potential we have for future growth,” he added.

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