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Why Rollins Turned On The Shield, RAW Rating, Devitt Update, WWE Helping Past Stars

Triple H Explains Why Rollins Joined Evolution

In his latest sit-down interview with Michael Cole, Triple H was asked why Seth Rollins turned on The Shield and joined Evolution. He said Rollins was the brains and the architect of the group and it’s always been him from day one. He adpated and survived, and The Shield is no more.

He revealed Rollins will explain himself on SmackDown:

RAW Rating Rises

This week’s episode of RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 4,147,000 viewers, a massive rebound from last week’s 3,602,000 number.

Prince Devitt Denies WWE Rumors

During a recent interview with the Low Blows podcast, Prince Devitt did not confirm that he’s headed to WWE:

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about me doing TNA, WWE and NASA projects, but at the moment I’m happy doing my thing at home. There is a possibility that I might go to the States in the future for a potential opportunity there but until then it’s all just rumours and speculation unfortunately.

WWE Helping Former Stars With Finances

As well as offering all former contracted talent free rehab, WWE are now also offering financial planning help and debt consolidation through an associated company. While they’re not literally paying people’s bills, they do not have to pay for the advice and will likely get a good rate on the consolidation.

They are also offering a $5,000 per semester allowance to any former talents who wish to further their college education.

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