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Rollins Talks “Fake” Wrestling, Buck Zoomed Off, JBL Talks CM Punk, Jake Roberts Update

Seth Rollins Addresses The Fake Question

In a recent interview with Seth Rollins was asked if people still ask the age old fake question:

Fake is like the worst word you could possibly use to describe anything, you know? What are you talking about? What is fake? It’s a television show, and a live performance. Nothing’s fake about it. We’re not telling you we’re out their fighting each other. We’re going out there to entertain you. I consider myself an athlete. I train like an athlete, I eat like an athlete, I recover and get sore just like any other athlete. We’re not lying to anybody. People just don’t understand the art form of what we do. It’s a mental and physical grind. You can’t be a dolt in this industry. On the opposite end of that, you can be the smartest guy in the world and not understand what it is to have a presence on stage. Being a character, executing a live performance, understanding what it is to connect with a crowd and elicit a specific response at a specific time using moves and body language and emotions. What we do is very complex. It’s under-appreciated.

Rollins also discussed coming up through the independents:

I mean I started training in a shipping warehouse, and I’m in Wrestlemania XXX this year, in front of millions of people worldwide, you know? I spent a few years cutting my teeth in the Midwest, I worked for Ring of Honor, then I went down to Florida and relearned everything there. It wasn’t different, but the crowds are bigger now. The paychecks are nicer, but that’s not really why I do it, so it doesn’t make much of a difference for me.

Getting to share the ring with guys I idolized is never going to stop being surreal for me. Getting to share the ring with guys like The Rock or The Undertaker or CM Punk or John Cena, guys I grew up watching. To have them appreciate what I do is just humbling.

The fans are awesome too. With social media now, everybody’s faceless, but I assume these kids sending me pictures of myself of Instagram are twelve, thirteen years old. But I don’t know. We’ve all got twitter handles and aliases, and so I don’t really even know what my fan base is like. But everyone’s very kind. I don’t have any crazy people or stalkers or anything like that.

Buck Zumhofe Tried To Flee Court

Former AWA star Buck Zumhofe who was convicted this week of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for abusing his daughter, tried to flee court after a rest room break. His 12 counts are now joined by an escape from custody charge, which will not go down well in sentencing.

Zumhofe, 62, abused his daughter for many years from the age of 15, to the point of having a bizarre public relationship where he would bring her to wrestling shows.

JBL Addresses CM Punk Situation

In a new blog, JBL addressed the CM Punk situation:

I don’t know any facts on CM Punk-I had the honor of wrestling Punk in his first main events in WWE, including a cage match in Madison Square Garden. I have always enjoyed Punk and being around him, I certainly wish him the best-hope he comes back, but whatever happens my best to him.

Jake Roberts Cancer Update

Bill Apter has delivered an update on the health of Jake Roberts in a new video. He says doctors are still trying to determine the type of cancer that was removed from his leg, but it’s not a melanoma.

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