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Rollins Nearly Impaled On RAW, Springer Meets Vince, Neville’s RAW Debut, Y2J’s Cage Spot

Cage Spike Nearly Impales Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins had a lucky escape during RAW’s main event as he attempted to enter the ring when the cage was lowering. He nearly got impaled by one of the support spikes:

Jerry Springer With Vince McMahon

Here is a photo of Jerry Springer backstage at RAW last night with Vince McMahon:

During the show he tried to help the Bellas settle their differences but ended up crushed by them both, which for some reason meant he had to be wheeled out on a stretcher. He gave his “Final Thought” in a Backstage Fallout video:

Speaking of Springer none other than WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts was on the real Springer Show several years back and shared the clips on Instagram:

Adrian Neville Talks RAW Debut

During RAW a special NXT match took place with Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn defeating Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze. The NXT champ commented on the experience on Twitter:

Chris Jericho Jumps off the Cage

Also during RAW Chris Jericho hit a crossbody off the top of the cage on to Bray Wyatt, something he’s never done before in WWE. He noted on Twitter:

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  • Denzil Daigo Dsouza

    the miz & zigggler segment where ziggler shows miz with his face in facepack he has worn a green stripes underware n the same underware is shown when he gets out of the ring looks like the pics were taken moments ago

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