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Rollins Betrays The Shield, Bryan and Batista Updates, Wrestlemania Buys, Abby Butcher Sued

Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield And Joins Evolution

The big news out of last night’s RAW was Seth Rollins betraying The Shield by hitting Roman Reigns with a chair before his main event match with Orton, and seemingly joining Evolution.

Jim Ross commented:

I always thought that Dean Ambrose was the natural heel of the Shield but I’ve got no issues with Seth Rollins doing the dirty deed even though in a perfect world I would have preferred that the Shield stay together a little longer. Apparently, WWE felt compelled to re-shuffle the deck which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d assume that several dominoes will fall as time moves forward and the company prepares for a major push to Summer Slam. In other words, I’d assume that multiple cards are up in the air and won’t land on the table until August.

Rollins can talk and is extremely athletic and those two traits are generally considered essential to be a successful pro wrestling villain. Rollins is a bumping machine ala HBK in his healthy, heel days.

Still thinking @WWERomanReigns is WWE Champ coming out of WM31.

Earlier in the night Batista “quit”, which was a way to write him out so he can do the media rounds for his movie Guardians of The Galaxy. He still has a deal in place for Summerslam.

Also last night Stephanie McMahon announced that if Daniel Bryan couldn’t compete at the Money in the Bank PPV, the title would be vacated. This will give him time to recover but also allow a storyline an out if he doesn’t.

Great Wrestlemania Buyrate

WWE got a great Wrestlemania PPV Buyrate of 690,000 buys.

Considering 667,000 watched it on the network that’s a total of 1,357,000, which is more eyeballs on the event than there’s been in years.

Abdullah The Butcher Sued For Millions

In an update to the Devon Nicholson / Abdullah The Butcher saga, CBC News reports that Abby has been ordered to pay $2.3 million in damages.

Nicholson who wrestles as Hannibal claimed Abby gave him Hepatitis C by blading him without permission in a match in 2007, causing a mixing of blood. Abdullah has always denied he has the disease and has 30 days to respond.

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