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ROH Joins Destination America During TNA Uncertainty

Destination America have announced that Ring of Honor is coming to the network for a 6 month deal, during a time when the future of TNA’s Impact Wrestling show is in doubt. A press release reads:

Destination America announced today that it has signed a national broadcast deal with professional wrestling league RING OF HONOR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., bringing one of the most respected wrestling organizations to the only network dedicated to all-American entertainment …RING OF HONOR will premiere on Wednesday, June 3 leading into IMPACT WRESTLING, making Destination America the home for wrestling every Wednesday evening.

A recent report from the Wrestling Observer claimed the network had Impact down for cancellation in September in their internal memos. This begs the question whether ROH is being groomed as their replacement?

Of course it’s also possible that since the memos were never made public, Destination America have not made a final decision on Impact’s fate.

It’s been suggested that the show was not drawing enough ad revenue despite the ratings, so it’s odd that they’d add another wrestling show for a 3 hour block. Perhaps they’re just seeing what sticks. Both shows could be gone by next year for all we know, or they could be thriving.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Destination America for the broader distribution of the ROH programming,” says ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff. “ROH will now reach an additional 57 million households including those in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and other large cities where Ring of Honor is not currently airing.”

MVP revealed on Twitter that TNA talent were not informed of the ROH deal, though it’s not clear if TNA management themselves even knew.

There’s already word that TNA and ROH may start working together to promote each other’s shows in order to survive.

Impact’s current deal expires in September while ROH’s deal runs until around January.

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