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The Rock Hooks Up LeBron James, JR Talks Hogan At Mania, Brodus’ New Gimmick

The Rock Helping LeBron James Get replica Belt

NBA star LeBron James Tweeted about how to get a WWE replica title belt last night and The Rock said he’d hook him up:

“Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones,” wrote James.

The Rock replied:
“@KingJames Got your back. I’ll take care of it tomorrow and hit ya back off line. Done.”

WWE often issue the replicas to athletes and celebs as a form of marketing.

John Cena also made a Tout pledging to get LeBron the belt:

JR Discusses Possibility of Hulk At Wrestlemania

In his latest Q&A update, Jim Ross discussed the possibility of Hulk Hogan wrestling at Wrestlemania 30:

I don’t see him trying to have a match. That would be sad, risky & isn’t necessary for Hulk to contribute to an event. Hulk has a horrible back condition, his in ring work would be SO limited that I feel it would sadden his fans to see what he’s become in his later years in all due respect. I’m not even sure that he could pass a WWE physical. But he doesn’t have to wrestle to be a huge part of WM30, IMO.

Brodus Debuts New Gimmick

To go along with his heel turn Brodus Clay has slightly altered his look and has also been assigned new ring music. At Sunday’s Main Event taping he appeared on Miz TV in a pinstripe suit, with a “gangsta” vibe.

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