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Rock Highest Grossing Actor, JR Talks TLC, Axel vs Konnan

The Rock Named Highest Grossing Actor of 2013

Forbes have listed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the highest grossing actor of 2013, as his films made $1.3 billion. In terms of individual earnings Robert Downey Jr. made $75 million, and The Rock made $46 million.

Rock is arguably also the hardest working, starring in Fast & Furious 6, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain & Gain, Snitch, and working Wrestlemania in-between.

JR Appreciates Orton vs Cena

Jim Ross discussed the TLC Unification match in his latest blog:

“Sincerely appreciated the hard work from both John Cena and Randy Orton in the unification match to create the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion. TLC sounds great on paper and makes for a sensational video promo but the match stips can be very limiting. Based on today’s boundaries, I thought that the two men did all that they could do to utilize the ‘toys’ that they had to play with but at the end of the day I’d have been just as happy to have seen a straight wrestling match considering what was at stake.”

“I predicted Orton to win last week here and for no particular reason other than I’ve always enjoyed various periods of time when there was a villain champion who was being chased by the dogged hero who was striving to be the champion.”

“Building enhanced credibility for the new, WWE World Title is going to be an ongoing matter that will never find its work finished. Nothing should be more important to any WWE talent, friend or foe, than being WWE World Champion. Being the Champion becomes a great story if the title is positioned properly and on a lofty pedestal.

“One of the many differences in the UFC and WWE, other than UFC being a main stream sport and the WWE being primarily an entertainment entity, is that the UFC titles have meant more than WWE Titles have meant in recent times.

“The door is now open for that to change within WWE including repositioning the IC Title and the US Title.

“Why have titles if they are not coveted by all who are eligible to compete for them? Plus, they are not ‘hot potatoes.’

“The bottom line is that building equity in any title sells tickets and PPV’s.”

Curtis Axel vs Konnan Twitter War

KonnanThe Curtis Axel vs former WCW star Konna Twitter war continues. When a fan brought up Konnan to Axel over the weekend, he responded “who?”.

Konnan then replied:
“The guy that said u were boring and was right and proof is how u are being used…#Jaybrone.”

Over the past month or so Konnan has been calling him boring and vanilla on Twitter and his podcast.

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