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The Rock Has Arrived, Justin Gabriel Quits WWE, Layla update, Surprise Entrants

The Rock At Site of Royal Rumble

All of the buzz right now is that The Rock just so happens to be in Philadelphia today, the site of tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble. This isn’t just a passing thing either, as he Tweeted a picture of himself last night and he was spotted at the WWE hotel today. He clearly wants to create the hype.

The obvious speculation is that he will be a surprise entrant in to the Royal Rumble and will go on to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Rock vs Brock has been something all parties have wanted to do for a couple of years now.

Justin Gabriel Has Had Enough

Justin Gabriel has decided to call it quits and gave his notice to WWE. He’s rarely used on TV and the last word was that he wasn’t going to be in the Rumble match either. Gabriel has yet to publicly give a reason for why he walked away.

Layla Surgery Update

WWE Diva Layla confirmed on Twitter that she recently underwent surgery. She called it a “personal” surgery, and not anything stemming form an injury.

Possible Surprise Rumble Entrants

Both Randy Orton and Bo Dallas are cleared to wrestle and could quite easily be entrants in to tonight’s Royal Rumble match. Word is that at least one NXT star will get a slot, and DDP is on hand, which might suggest he’ll be a surprise legend entrant.

Since the event is in Philadelphia it’s possible they bring back an ECW name for a nice pop. If it’s not RVD, Tommy Dreamer is probably their next choice. Fans are speculating the Dudley Boys, but there’s nothing to suggest that will happen.

Chris Jericho has been adamant that he’s not appearing on camera during his current run, but he’s notorious for swerving fans and could easily show up as well.

While he may not be in the Rumble, a Sting appearance also makes sense.

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