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The Rock Answers Steroid Question, Official UK Network Date, RVD’s Status, Wale Running Wrestling Show

Does The Rock Use Steroids?

In a recent interview with The Rock was asked about being accused of using steroids to get his physique. He didn’t outright deny it, but said people are just trying to find an excuse for the hard work he puts in:

Training is my anchor. Being on a regimented schedule, setting a goal, failing at a goal. It’s the philosophies of being an athlete that carry me today… Sure, you get a lot of people out there who will suspect, and say s–t. They want to negate the hard work you put in.

The Rock has never admitted to using steroids during his wrestling career, only in his younger years when he was a football player. While it doesn’t prove anything either way, it’s unlikely Rock gets tested with everyone else in WWE because he never spends any extended time on the roster and does not sign a regular performer contract. He can also afford to pay for Human Growth Hormone which exits the body quick enough to avoid detection and requires full blood testing even when it is tested for.

For a history of steroids and drugs in wrestling, and the current loopholes check out my article:

Does The WWE Wellness Policy Work?

During the interview The Rock also discussed his most recent Wrestlemania run:

We set pay-per-view buy-rate records and attendance records each time… I think fans realized, ‘Wow, you’re back, and you committed for three years, and you don’t have to be here.’ I had the balls to be authentic.

WWE Network Launches November 3rd In UK

The UK version of the WWE Network will officially launch on November 3rd, and will be exactly the same as the US version for the time being. This means all the archive content and full access to the PPVs despite the company already have a deal with Sky.

On launch day it will only be available on devices that can access the regular web browser and play video, though apps for streaming devices and gaming consoles will pop up on November 18th.

Strangely the company has not confirmed a price in £pounds. They may go for the exchange rate price, roughly £6.25, or they may bump it up to £9.99.

RVD Explains His WWE Deal

RVD was interviewed by NOQD this week and explained his relationship with WWE, and how he’s on a verbal on and off agreement.

Myself and Chris Jericho have kind of the same deal where we come and go with short term contracts that are timed around … what works best for us but also in agreement with what works best for them too. Right now, I just finished my contract at the end of September and I’m on off time right now. When I’m ready to go back, I most likely will do another run with WWE but there’s no guarantees, no obligations. It’s just kind of the common thought that that will happen. I definitely have some unfinished business to take care of.

Rapper Launching Promotion With Heyman’s Help

Rapper Wale who is a huge wrestling fan and is friends with several great minds in the business is currently gearing up to launch a promotion, that will run out of New York City.

It’s believed he has been getting a lot of advice from Paul Heyman.

The grammy-nominated music star recently spoke with Lucha Underground star Konnan and Court Bauer on MLW Radio:

Stevie Ray Talks Racism In WCW

More allegations about racism in wrestling have emerged from Booker T’s former partner Stevie Ray, who recently spoke with the Shining Wizards Podcast:

If you really want to think about it, we ran into racism… That (first) night in Global, they called us every n-word known to man, as we walked out. And I’m like “Wow, this is the big time? Holy Sh*t!” But, you know, the thing is, being African American, things like that… You know how to deal with it coming from certain upbringings… You know how to shut people up. You can’t shut them up by arguing with somebody or wanting to fight somebody. We just show them how good you are. If you want to turn the page to WCW, yeah, WCW was probably one of the most racist, bigoted companies in the history of mankind, to be honest. That’s what it was made of. They were just a bunch of bigots that want to let a few people in and wanted to keep what they got. WCW was no different than America. America is a racist, bigoted country. People can try to hide behind this, that, or the other, but it is what it is. No disrespecting anybody but, you know, just call it the way it is, and WCW was no different. Especially in the professional wrestling world, they want to keep everything as white as possible. If you look at wrestling today, they want to keep everything as white as possible. As a matter of fact, back in the old independent territories, wrestling had more African Americans then they do nowadays. And they had lots of big stars, going all the way back to Sailor Art Thomas, and even before him… the Rocky Johnsons, the Tiger Conways. When we were growing up there was an array of African American wrestlers. Now you only see the African Americans, you know, they put a gimmick on them that’s so cliché and so, you know, they got us in a fish bowl, not a sea or a pond. We have to act this way, walk this way and do this kind of stuff, especially in some of the territories nowadays. It is what it is, and you just got to be able to deal with it. Luckily me and my brother were educated enough to know what we were going to do and that’s what we were going to do. We weren’t going to compromise for anybody. That’s what we told people in WCW and people in Global (Wrestling Federation). We’re this, and we told them if they want that shucking and jiving guy, if you want that, that’s not us… I’m looking at WWE… They brought in a couple of tag teams. They brought in Cryme Time. Listen to that… Cryme Tyme. That says it all. I’m looking at the gimmick where they’re stealing from people when they’re not looking. Is that how America looks at black people today? Really? That were nothing but thieves? Is that all we are? The guy that doesn’t want to take care of his child, like they put on the Maury Povich show? Dysfunctional families… Is that what we are? That’s everybody, that’s America. When it’s put out there on television, though, it’s just us, and I got a problem with that.

Maxine Says Aksana Stole Her Gimmick

Former NXT star Maxine who now works for Lucha Underground says WWE creative stole an idea she pitched for her character and gave it to Aksana:

I got myself over with the fans and at the end of the day, there’s a lot of politics going on backstage. Aksana was found by somebody important backstage, so that became their girl. That push, it just happened so randomly that one day (laughs), one day I pitched a storyline that I spent time writing—very long time—and I had my jet black hair with bangs, the black catsuit on, which people kinda remember from the FCW days when they see pictures and I was the General Manager of FCW, so it only made sense. I wrote and pitched the storyline of going up to SmackDown and seducing Teddy Long and eventually trying to take over SmackDown. When I pitched that storyline to the writers and the boss man, I had to cut a promo, I had to have a match and pitch the storyline. Within twenty-four hours, the very next day, I walk into FCW and I’m sat down and I’m told that I have to change my hair and my entire look. And I ask why, and they said it was too similar to Aksana. Well, you gotta remember, the day before that, she was bleached blonde, playing the Aksana, kinda ditsy, hosting “The Aksana Show.” So within twenty-four hours, she had jet black hair, was wearing a black catsuit and that following week was getting sent up to SmackDown to seduce Teddy Long. So call it what you must, but it was definitely very, very, very extremely similar (laughs) to what I wrote and what I pitched. And then after that, I was asked to actually help her with her promos, so it was a pretty good shot and slap in my face.

I got back up; I changed my hair, I changed my outfit, which I ended up wearing; the black full-piece garter outfit, which ended up being my main one and I changed everything and I did what I had to do to make myself different once again. This happened on more then one occasion where my stuff and the stuff I’ve written and pitched—and I’m not the only one in the business that happened to, but that was pretty blunt and obvious (laughs). To the point that when I walked into the arena of FCW, the boys kinda went silent and were just staring at me because they knew.

WWE Jingle All The Way Trailer

Here is the trailer for WWE Studios film Jingle All the Way 2, starring Santino and Larry The Cable Guy:

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