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Richie Steamboat Released, WWE’s Ring Maker, Mania 29 Script

Richie Steamboat Departs After Injury

Richie Steamboat (the son of WWE Hall of Famer Ricky the Dragon) has quietly departed from WWE developmental. He has been out for months with a back injury and it looks like he’s calling it quits.

26 year old Steamboat completed two years of college studying International Business, and has expressed the desire to go back and finish his degree.

WWE’s Ring Maker Speaks has a new article online looking at the construction of their rings and accessories. They interview Mark Carpenter of MTJ Manufacturing, who has built rings and cages for WWE for over 20 years.

“The first job we ever did for WWE was WrestleMania VI in Toronto,” Carpenter explained. “We weren’t building rings at the time. WWE had purchased some scissor construction lifts, and they wanted them to be turned into chariots to carry the wrestlers to the ring and back. Within a year, we transitioned into building the old rings, which had springs in them.”

Later carpenter designed a whole new ring for the company that was easier on the body and had no spring that could break:

“I went and took a look at it and designed the new rings,” Carpenter said. “I came up with the structure, the frame, everything that went into that ring. The current ring has no springs.”

“I don’t have a full set of plans anywhere. You could reverse engineer it, but only I know how to build one. To have everything laser cut and have the materials in place, it takes about three weeks to build a ring.”

Carpenter hasn’t just built the ring. He’s become WWE’s go-to metal construction expert. He doesn’t build the Hell in a Cell or the Elimination Chamber, but he has built the steel cages for many years.

“We built the hard blue pipe square ones, and then we transitioned to the chain link,” Carpenter said.

“The big, square steel cage, which was made for WrestleMania II in LA with Hogan and [King Kong] Bundy so they could get the camera lens through without obstruction,” Yeaton explained. “The original cage was four 10-foot pieces that were held together with straps and cables. Then we went to eight pieces with 12 holes and cables on top, which was cumbersome and cut the wrestlers up.”

“The cages had aircraft cable, and it took an hour to put them on the ring,” Carpenter said. “Besides the time, if Hulk Hogan went over the top, he’d get cut by the aircraft cable. I designed a system, which is still used now, that has pins and boots. There are boots on the poles and the panels fit into them. The fastest they’ve ever put that cage up is six minutes. And it’s a lot safer. I designed it.”

Carpenter also discusses using special pipes to heat the ring at Wrestlemania 29.

Wrestlemania 29 Script Leaked Online

WWE scripts continue to be leaked online through Reddit. User MetsFan4Ever has now uploaed the Wrestlemania 29 script:

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