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Ric Flair Remembers Reid, Hulk Fox Sports Clip, Booker In Local Commercial, Pete Rose Interview

Ric Flair Remembers Death of Son

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair posted the following on social media, marking one year since the death of his youngest son Reid:

My dear son Reid,
One year ago today God took you away from your family that loved you so much. As hard as it is to not see and be with you everyday, we all know that you are safe with my parents in heaven and in a far better place than you were here on earth. Your mom, brother, sisters and I miss you so very much. Not a day goes by we don’t all think of you. I adored you as you did me, and I’m forever thankful for you. We traveled the world together and experienced so much side by side. I am so proud to be your father and you will forever be my beautiful son. My world will never be the same without you.

I love you,


Reid who embarking on a pro wrestling career died of a heroin overdose after staying at a Residence Inn, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hulk Hogan On Crowd Goes Wild

Here is a clip of Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Fox Sports show Crowd Goes Wild last week. The Hulkster joined in a game where he had to guess the wrestler, from Regis Philbin’s descriptions:

Booker T In Houston Furniture Commercial

Check out Booker T in this local Houston furniture store commercial:

Pete Rose Discusses Wrestlemania Appearances

Controversial baseball star Pete Rose discussed his Wrestlemania appearances in a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling:

“They really know what they are doing,” says the WWE Celebrity wing Hall of Famer. “When I worked for them I did a Wrestlemania in Philly, I did one in Boston, I did one in L.A.”

They (Wrestlemania) were all fun except the one time I was the San Diego Chicken and Kane threw me up against the ring and almost broke my back … Then of course Rikishi stinky faced me. He smelled like perfume. He put perfume all over himself. It was fun.

It is the best entertainment on TV. No question about it. They have grown and grown and grown. I watch them every Monday night from my home in Las Vegas. But Vince is such a nice guy and he started that thing out and just kept working at it and working at it. He knows how to create a star, man … the storybook and the lines who is a good guy this week and who is a bad guy this week.

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