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Ric Flair Back With WWE, Filmmaker Signed, Boob Grab On Main Event

Ric Flair Signs WWE Contract

According to the Wrestling Observer Ric Flair has signed a new contract with WWE, which will involve typical legend work, as well as stuff for the Network, signings and appearances, PPV panels etc.

This deal means he cannot do outside projects without WWE’s approval.

WWE Signs Filmmaker Who Worked With TNA

WWE have signed filmmaker Matthew Goldberg, who did two mini-documentaries on Tara and The Pope when they were in TNA. His Twitter says he specializes in live-action and stop-motion animation.

Eric Bischoff noted on Twitter:

“Anxious to hear more about @mbgfilms signing w @WWE. Matt is a great young man with the talent and determination to be a great asset.”

It’s not clear exactly what his role is, but he may be one of several new staff hired for the Network.

Kid gropes Natalya on Main Event

A young kid accidentally copped a feel of Natalya on Main Event, when she was posing on the ramp.

It was all completely innocent and they high-fived seconds later.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    what a great accident for that kid :D

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